Thursday, 1 March 2012

These are the results of a study recently conducted for the German Interior Ministry.
► 24 per cent of non-German Muslims between 14 and 32 are considered "strictly religious with strong dislike of the West, a tendency towards the acceptance of violence and no inclination towards integration".
► 33 per cent of the non-German Muslims also express prejudices towards Jews.
► Among young Muslims with German citizenship, by contrast, 15 per cent are considered strictly religious, reject the West and accept "violence as a means of self-defence against the threat from the West".
► A total of 78 per cent of the German Muslims asked (all age groups) are in favour of integration into Germany. However 22 per cent decisively reject it and emphasise their "culture of origin".
► Worrying result, especially among non-German Muslims: only 52 per cent support integration, 48 per cent, by contrast, showing "strong separatist tendencies".

The study cites the causes for the radicalisation especially among young and non-German Muslims as the extent of the "traditional religiosity" among immigrant families, the influence of "authoritarian attitudes", the orientation towards "power" and "success" as well as the experience of "group-based discrimination" in Germany.

But also the consumption of radical television channels, such as the private Turkish broadcaster Kanal D, promotes the acceptance of violence and propensities towards extremism among young Muslims, according to the study.
Source: Bild


Anonymous said...

Young Muslims in Germany Reject Integration but Embrace Violence and Religious Fanaticism.

Surely NOT. They are devout followers of the Religion of Peace.

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