Sunday, 11 March 2012

Only the green trees, overcast skies and well-paved roads give any clue that this isn't the Middle East. Remember the dead Muslim was part of a mob of 20 who went to a German man's house and attacked him. This time, the infidels fought back.

See previous posts about the incident here and here.

UPDATE: They are now talking about setting up a memorial stone in the housing estate for the dead Muslim!

The Muslim's father has appealed for calm and asked that no revenge attacks be carried out. Maybe he'll be proclaimed the "true face of Germany" soon.


American Infidel said...

With any luck this thug was burning in hell with his comrades seconds after the lights went out...only fitting that they find at the end an absolute lie on what awaits them after death...

Anonymous said...

Actually he will just rot in the ground like the rest of us. The fact that he spent his life being brainwashed and destined for a second rate life is of course sad. Education will evenually eliminate ths faith but there wil be a few billionosf suffers on the way.If Islam is the answer, it must have been a stupid question!

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