Thursday, 15 March 2012

This is excellent. Direct democracy in action seems to be the only way we can force elites to give up their politically correct concealment of the truth. If rational government is ever restored in Europe generally, in my view it should impose a legal obligation on the police and on journalists when reporting a story to specify not only the nationality of the perpetrator (in the sense of their citizenship status) but their immigration history. When perpetrators of crime would not be present in the country if it hadn't been for the immigration policies of recent decades, people have a right to know that so they can properly evaluate the effects of those policies. Whether the perp was actually born in the country or not is of secondary significance.
Voters in Solothurn, north-western Switzerland, voted on Sunday for an amendment to the law requiring police and judicial officers to record the nationalities of offenders and suspects.

The people of Solothurn voted yes to the controversial initiative with some 46,869 votes to 19,852, representing an overwhelming acceptance to the proposal by a little over 70 percent of the electorate, news agency SDA reported.

The vote means that amendments will need to be made to cantonal police laws, the Swiss Code of Criminal Procedure and the Swiss youth crime code.

In future, not only the age and gender of a suspect or perpetrator will be given in police press releases, but also the nationality of the individual.

This represents a victory for the far-right Swiss People’s Party, whose members proposed the initiative.

Member of the Legal Commission and Swiss People’s Party member Oskar Freysinger pointed to the fact that some three quarters of Switzerland’s prison population are foreigners, online news website Basler Zeitung reported in February.

Freysinger said he no longer wants the fact that rich Switzerland is seen as an attractive place for foreigners to be swept under the carpet. Instead, Freysinger called for transparency.

Prior to Sunday’s vote, St. Gallen was the only other canton with such a regime.
Source: The Local


Anonymous said...

Against the desire from the ruling elite of Switzerland, who generally would like to be in the EU, the Swiss voted against minarets, then the expulsion of foreigners who have been convicted of crime, and now this.

I note that EU elite who have usurped total power without a mandate, are not raising to much of a row about this further outrage by the Swiss people. Maybe they are worried that if they make too much of a row, it will attract the attention of the subject people of the EU of what needs to be done.

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