Tuesday, 6 March 2012
A Pakistani man kept “a big list of people who owed him money” for “taking white girls to chill” in his flat, a sex-grooming trial heard yesterday.

The claim was made by a 15-year-old girl who had an abortion at the age of 13 after allegedly becoming pregnant by another British Pakistani, now aged 42.

She described how a man she knew by the nickname “Ray” kept the list on the door of his flat, in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, because men “used to pay him to go and take white girls there”.

The schoolgirl said that men would phone Ray to check whether the flat was free, because they did not want to take a girl to the address if men were already using it with other white girls.

Ray’s Asian friends “just want a white girl because Ray’s got a white girl,” she said. On the wall of the flat were photographs of Ray’s wife and children, who lived in Pakistan.

The girl was giving evidence at Liverpool Crown Court, where 11 men, aged from 22 to 59, deny numerous child-sex offences linked to the alleged exploitation of girls aged in their early teens.

The jury has been told that, unlike other girls who are witnesses in the trial, the girl who became pregnant does not believe that any of the men did anything wrong.

She said that she was in a six-month relationship with the “boyfriend”, who she knew as Billy, who made her pregnant. The prosecution claims that he is 42-year-old Adil Khan.

The girl accepted that she had slept with other men and that they would give her vodka, which made her feel “loud and good”, or money. She also knew of other girls who had sex with the same men. “But they didn’t get raped. They did it freely, willingly,” she said.

The girl said she would be phoned by “randomers”, Pakistani men she did not know, who “pay you to chill with them”.

Aged 13, she had regularly agreed to meet strangers in a supermarket car park. They would take her to addresses as far afield as Oldham, Bradford and Leeds.

The girl said that Pakistani men “pass you round like a ball”. Asked to explain, she said it was “like they’re all in a massive circle” and “put a white girl in the middle”. There were “thousands of Asians who had links with each other”.

She added: “Most of them you don’t even know but you meet them anyway. If I gave a taxi driver my number, give it two weeks [and] then I’ll have about ten Pakis in my phone and then by the next week I’ll have a phone book of Pakis in my phone.”

The men deny offences including 12 rapes, aiding and abetting rape, sexual activity with a child, sexual assault and six counts of trafficking a child within the UK for sexual exploitation.

The defendants - Mr Khan, Abdul Aziz, 41, Mohammed Amin, 44, Mohammed Sajid, 35, Abdul Qayyam, 43, Abdul Rauf, 43, Qamar Shahzad, 29, Liaquat Shah, 41, Kabeer Hassan, 25, Hamid Safi, 22, and a 59-year-old who cannot be named - are each charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.

The trial continues.
Source: The Times (£)


Anonymous said...

Pakistanis are slime.

Where are the "moderate" Muslims, protesting about this?

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

They're at the back of the queue for access to the white girls; the hardcore, jihadist Muslims go first.

Anonymous said...

There are no moderate muslums

Anonymous said...

Burn a Koran and these muslim scum would go mad, but abuse 'infidel' underage white girls, and that's ok for them. And the media shouldn't report them as Asian gangs, but as muslim Pakistani. What utter filth these muslims are

Anonymous said...

What utter nonesense you all think.

Wake up. This type of thing, diarising as it is, happens in every community. You are just not interested in reading it happening within other communities.

Perfect example of demonisation. Nothing new here.

Think and reflect before you write.

A concerned Muslim.

George Percy said...

why are these asians so particular about white girls??? I personally cannot stand white girls, whatever their age is. I am mixed race - my dad is white and my mom is black afro caribbean - and I have never liked sex with white girls. I cannot understand why asian guys become so enamored with white girls. It is why I'm starting to tolerate black guys now, black guys for the most part don't care for white girls anymore...they don't even like white girls. It is only a few black guys you will see with white girls, but that trend is fading fast. I have been around plenty of black guys and they want nothing to do with white girls. They say the sex with white girls is not as good as they would have imagined, and white girls only use them for sexual satisfaction. But for asian guys, having a white girl or sexing/raping her is like winning a premiership title. asian guys are viewed with respect in their communities for laying a white girl. It is sick !!!

Black Dude said...

you're absolurly right George Percy. it reminds me of a dumb white girl in my office. She acts like a racist when others are around, coughing whenever I enter the room, stroking her nose when I speak or am about - when I know I have cleaner teeth and tongue than she does and my body and clothes are far cleaner than hers. But come evening when I am working overtime, she starts flirting with me and suggesting I take her to Travelodge and show her what I have been giving the black girls at the office. I feel so sorry for her fiance sometimes. I donn't feel like screwing her or any other white girl but her fiance is a racist and I might just screw her to make him really really hate my black ass

Anonymous said...

first of all you two black dude and percy this is not about whether you enjoy having sex with a white girl! these girls are brain washed from young to think its normal or just drugged up while dirty fuckers rape them use them till there dead i dont know whether you have seen all the other reports but this needs to be taken more seriously and these girls arnt "dumb white girls" more like children they havent even begun to work in offices or whatever they dreamed to do when they grew up.
also this is not just pakistani men its all races one documentry i watched had a women as the leader/boss of all the trafficing which shocked me as i had never thought that of a women and you dont hear of that.
when i was 15 an asian man pakistani approached me at the bus stop (piccadilly)he was i would say late 30's skinny ugly looking man he sat next to me on the bench it was busy aswell and moved up close to me and whispered "come with me and ill give you £50" i froze at first then i turned to his face with them nasty teeth and my responce was "fuck off" i got up walked over to a women and stood next to her i didnt say anything because i was shitting it really he stood up aswell and my bus came for a moment i thought he was going to get on the bus but he just stood there starring at me. now obviously this man thought i would be your typical little girl and not know a thing about the world and what goes on but i knew what could of happened that day i remember it so clearly so spare a thought for these poor inocent girls who have been though hell i was 15 then im 22 now and having a baby with my boyfriend of 5 years that proberly wouldnt be possible if it weren't for my mum being so honest and protective.
thanks for letting me waffle!

Anonymous said...

Muslim scum OUT OF EUROPE!!! Shame on you EU for accepting these filthy immigrants and allowing them to abuse white christian girls. Selling our christian pride to jihadists!

Anonymous said...

As a Pakistani all these bastards should be killed executed in front of the public. these lims are having sex with a 13 year old which are s old as their daughters. have they no shame. Allah akhbar god will punish these guys in hell.amen.

babar ayub said...

This stupidity about religious bashing should stop, do u know it's haram for a man to indulge sex outside marriage in Islam? Especially in Islam it's totally forbidden to have a relationship with a non-Muslim woman, white girls are generally cheap, they shag until they dead, the girls in question generally look older than their age, coz of the way they dress, it's not like a man asked her age first than raped her, the guys in question have taken up a lifestyle which is from western culture, Islam ask for a woman to preserve her dignity, I mean white people generally come from broken down family homes, father comes home drunk, cheats and beats his wife, the wife cheats behind his back, daughter becomes pregnant whilst in school, divorce rates are at an alarming rates, than they say we are woman oppressors or should follow their lifestyles, I am sorry I am quiet content with being a Pakistani muslim man who works his socks off to provide for his family, and never do I let my sister or mother lift a finger, they treated like queens, which is the reason my mum and dad still married today, unlike non-Muslims (Sikhs, hindus, whites, etc) and black people cannot set an example to me, because the 98% of black people bastardisized

Anonymous said...

All I see on the replies that are on here is racist backlash. I'm a Muslim, I do as I plz, I admit I don't follow my faith as much as the holy book says, but knowing right and wrong is something all us humans should know, and the wrong here is that these men blatently did manipulate and brainwash these young white girls and deserve severe punishment as a consequence. And white girls aren't all whores as someone states above, good and bad derive from every country and colour, so to the ppl who have nothing logical to say should keep their idiotic mouths shut, and to those racists who hate us 'Pakis' as u like to call us, we r all not the same.....didn't jimmy saville abuse kids? And he's white right, that doesn't mean I'm gonna call all white males paedophiles.

Anonymous said...

Where's the logic and meaning here, if we are all human beings? Why so much anger, abuse and pain? Is there a short answer. Maybe not because we are all just animals.

zalim insan said...

Fortunately it's a story that come in public otherwise there are lots of hidden stories of UK children who have been abused by their fathers pour close relatives without child's consent. Further more, 80% Indian, European and American girls are not virgin in the age of 14, does it all done by Pakistanis?

Shame On you western people who can't care their children

Anonymous said...

integrations going well then ?
put two races together with about 800 years difference in development , democracy ,human rights and give them money(much of which is sent back to packistan where it buys alot more than here ,probably makes you middle class in packistan in fact)
the state funds houses , mosques , community centres etc etc etc etc
meanwhile indigenous population suffers cuts to close down local community centres , libraries , schools , bus services etc
we think we are a smarter race but they have won on every count through , deception , fear , racism , 2 fingers to the establishment they do not abide by uk law , sharia law
i better start studying sharia law quick at this rate , i dont want to tread on anyones toes and be on the wrong side of the law !

i like my hands , they come in handy !

Anonymous said...

dont be too harsh on these men ,we allowed a barbaric race/religion to settle in our country with no catches .
do you speak english ? have a good work ethic ? are you well educated ? do you treat women with respect ? answer is probably a NO
hate capitalism , western values and way of life(yes we use to be a christian country !) ,white women
answer probably YES

dont blame these poor fools ,

blame the law makers, mp,s , liberal elite, local councils,police etc that have funded and turned a blind eye to these communitys .

yes communitys they have religion , mosques to meet daily ,there laws , unlike the uk working class population , no religion , no job( or low pay/ tax credits/ state handouts) , communitys and services crumbling around there ears

blame the ruling classes then , they are the real criminals and as usual its us the poor man in the street that has to live with there mistakes and clean up the mess .
i truly hate the ruling classes , they have sleepwalked this country into a place i bearly recognise in just 2 decades .
they are the ones that want hanging not these sideshow bobs !

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around, bad people will get what's coming to them in the end, no matter what race.

Anonymous said...

Not one of them is married to the girls

Anonymous said...

Not one of them is married to the girls

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