Monday, 12 March 2012

The Arab Centre for Research and Political Studies recently conducted a large-scale survey of public opinion in the "Arab World".

It revealed that 26% of Algerians want to emigrate, as does 50% of the Sudanese population and more than 30% of the Libyan population.

I wonder where they'd like to emigrate to. Maybe the Algerians could move to Sudan, the Libyans could move to Algeria and the Sudanese could move to Libya. That way all three countries could experience the upward spiral of enrichment that diversity inevitably brings.

Source: El Watan Via:


Anonymous said...

How about Somalia - its virtually empty except for those who are strongly totally peaceful RoPers.

Anonymous said...

I just loved all the Muslims ( males) turning up in Italy after Libya, they had fled in fear and terror of their lives, but obviously forgot to bring the wife and kids. Sounds like an Islamic Titanic ' women and children last'

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