Monday, 19 March 2012
Merkel asks Turks' forgiveness for the kebab killings

The German multicult establishment loves to make much of the few rare incidents in which people of immigrant origin are killed by Germans. We saw a good example of this in the recent so-called Kebab murders, in which mostly kebab-selling Turks were killed by the National Socialist Underground, a neo-Nazi terror cell. This resulted in grave expressions of national contrition. "Forgive us," said Chancellor Angela Merkel as she attended a special religious ceremony held in honour of the dead kebab merchants. She also apologised to the families of the victims and, bizarrely, to the government of Turkey.

But her apologies would have been better directed at her own people. Because the figures show that in the last 20 years since Germany was reunified, approximately 9000 Germans have been murdered by immigrants and an astonishing 4 million assaulted! This is a silent, unacknowledged holocaust which the German people are being subjected to by their own government. Of course it is the same all over Europe. But the victimisation of Europeans by foreign colonists is never acknowledged. There will be no ceremonies for them, at least not until regime change has occurred. The Stephen Lawrences become posthumous media stars. The Charlene Downeses are forgotten. Except by the few of us who are not plugged into the Matrix.

These figures are rough estimates, not completely precise. The methodology seems to be as follows.

There were 21,467 deaths caused by murder and manslaughter in Germany between 1990 and 2010.
There were 600,000 cases of assault in each of the years 2009 and 2010. The author extrapolates from this to derive the total number of assaults over 20 years.

In 2009-10 29.35% of the murders were committed by immigrants and 21% of the assaults. The author assumes that these figures will be applicable in all years. In fact, it's likely that the number of foreigners has increased continuously throughout those 20 years so extrapolating backwards should slightly overstate their overall responsibility.

It also has to be considered that some of the victims will also have been foreigners.

Nevertheless, this is an at least reasonable ballpark estimate: 9000 murders and 4 million assaults committed in Germany over 20 years because of the German government's genocidal immigration policy. And this pattern would be reflected all across western Europe - a silent holocaust.

Source: RealGeld Via: PI


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, but I haven't come across anything here, or anywhere else on the net either, for that matter, that explains WHY European politicians are so desperate to pacify Muslims. Do you have any idea?

The closest thing I've found is BBC director-general Mark Thompson's statement:

‘Without question, “I complain in the strongest possible terms”, is different from, “I complain in the strongest possible terms and I am loading my AK-47 as I write”. This definitely raises the stakes.’

Is this what it boils down to with the politicians as well?

Anonymous said...

As an addendum, actually I don't see European politicians simply trying to pacify Muslims, but rather trying to speed Europe's metamorphosis into Islamic countries.

Do they really have no desire to retain their countries' unique heritages?

Anonymous said...

Please publicise this vid. Finally it is out in the open. This is where the multiculture will eventually take the White minorities in the future

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I don't think you can dissociate the phenomenon of islamisation with the phenomenon of third-world immigration generally. The elites have bet the house on this experiment and lost the bet. When its failings became apparent, instead of backing off, they doubled down, engaging in flight forward.

You could compare it to Stockholm syndrome. In a sense, the third-worlders have hijacked our societies. The kidnap victims desperately want to believe that their kidnappers are good people. So they try to see things from their point of view. It's an insidious psychological process in which integrity gradually breaks down, not conscious deception.

I think that the ethic of bureaucracy and rule-following has come to dominate our era, displacing democracy. Democracy depends on people using their judgement, but our leaders have developed an ethical culture in which the use of judgement is seen as inappropriate. They believe following simplistic abstract rules like "All religions are good" is the way to moral greatness instead.

It may be that representative democracy in a mass media culture inevitably has this result. A culture of offence avoidance develops. Politicians strive to pursue policies that are minimally offensive and use the power of the state to force this culture on everyone else. I think the evidence is that representative democracy just doesn't work as a form of government that is viable over the long-run.

There are also certain ideas that developed in the Radical Enlightenment of the 18th century and first found expression in the French revolution that are having an extremely pernicious effect in our times; most especially, the idea of citizenship substituting for deeper notions of peoplehood; the idea that a nation is defined not primarily by kinship relations but by abstract notions and "values". The American example has undoubtedly played a key role in establishing this definition of "normality".

Why this is happening may be the greatest mystery of all time because it is certainly one of the most bizarre phenomena of all time, perhaps the most bizarre. I'm writing a book about it which I hope to publish on Kindle later in the year, or perhaps the year after.

Anonymous said...

The left, first expressed in the Jacobins of Revolutionary Era France, seems to be the biggest culprit in hastening the demise of the West.

It seems that having failed on numerous occasions to bring about the dissolution of borders and established conventions like religions etc they are now working towards it using democracy and propaganda; one only need look at most TV shows, the vast majority of media personalities and of course hollywood movies to see how we are bombarded all the time with leftist propaganda.

The French Revolution and the Left were born of Ergot poisoning (Ergot is a fungus that produces effects similar to LSD, ie hallucinations), this is shown in its disconnect from reality and the use of deranged fantasies in producing their agenda.

Anonymous said...

This is a complex question.

First, there is a built in problem in Democracy - politicians are interested in importing foreign electorate.

Second, there is the problem of decadence. Decadence occurs only when you are all too powerful, and europeans or their ofshoots like the US and Russia were all too powerful during the last several centuries. It is similar to the Roman decadence. Some people today are like Nero when Rome was burning.

Also, today the Left is no longer the old communist Left, its nature is a lot more Globalist, which means that the Left today is ready to sacrifice its old values (like secularism)for Global Stability and Multiculturalism.

Then there is the problem of western self - hatred. Self - Hatred comes when you are all too powerful, but you want to be moral at the same time. According to some, you cannot be powerful and moral at the same time, thus the sudden urge to decrease western power.

I think there is female influence involved as well. Recently i was watching a documentary about an Anti-Communist activist in Estern Germany. He was eventually caught by the STASI, he was beaten, his health destroyed, and then imprisoned. Yet he never gave up on his anti-communist views.

I remember what his wife said. She said: "when you have a family, you shoudn't fight injustice. You shoudn't fight the system. Our family was destroyed because of him."

Now, she is right from her point of view. Yet this is conformism, and conformism doesn't always help, it sometimes leads to even greater suffering in the future.

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