Thursday, 22 March 2012

Several of them got off with this because the prosecution offered no evidence.
A “sweet, polite” schoolgirl was an academic high-flyer until she suffered a night of sexual violence during which a group of men laughed, joked and sang as they filmed the sobbing, naked teenager on their mobile phones, a court heard.

The 15-year-old Asian girl, a virgin who looked young for her age, was plied with alcohol at an address in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, before suffering the first of a series of humiliating sex attacks in three separate houses.

Raped three times, she became “an object to use and abuse” for men who showed no mercy when she begged to be allowed to go home. They laughed as they slapped her, urging each other to further sexual excess. After they ended in one house, the girl was flung over the shoulder of one man and carried to the next destination.

The teenager was found by police the next morning, “pale, tired, dishevelled and shivering”. For six weeks, she was so ashamed that she would not tell anyone what happened.

The third day of a trial at Leeds Crown Court heard that her night of horror in May 2010 began when she and a 15-year-old white schoolgirl went to the home of Mohammed Ali Rehman, 26. Her friend was hoping to buy cannabis.

The Times understands that Rehman was already suspected of having inappropriate contact with several underage white girls in the Dewsbury area. He orchestrated much of the mysogynistic brutality that ensued, taking pleasure in subjecting his victim, who was so drunk that she was barely able to walk, to hours of sustained sexual, physical and verbal degradation.

When he was first arrested, he told police it was absurd to suggest that he would touch a girl who “looks like a little kid”. He said: “None of the lads would do that; they’re not that disgusting. We’re known people in the community. We wouldn’t do something sick like that.”

Rehman admitted three charges of rape and one of attempted rape after changing his plea yesterday. He was one of six men accused.

Larasab Hussain, 45, a taxi driver, changed his plea to admit sexual assault and Faisar Younas, 23, unemployed, admitted sexual activity with a child. His plea of not guilty to attempted rape was accepted by the prosecution.

Their admissions of guilt came after the jury watched a series of graphic film clips recovered from Hussain’s phone.

Jurors were discharged from reaching verdicts on sex charges faced by Hasan Rehman, 18, Wahid Hussain, 19, and Saqib Hussain, 31.

The prosecution’s decision to offer no evidence against the three men was questioned by Judge Scott Wolstenholme, who said there was “clear evidence of attempted rape” by Hasan Rehman and Wahid Hussain.

Sharon Beattie, for the prosecution, said the decision not to proceed, which spared the girl the ordeal of undergoing cross-examination, was taken after consultation with the teenager.
Ali Rehman, Younas and Larasab Hussain were remanded in custody and will be sentenced on a date yet to be fixed.

Detective Inspector Andy Leonard, who led the investigation, said the girl was receiving strong support from her family and the wider Asian community in Dewsbury, which was outraged by her treatment.

“These men had no compassion, no empathy and a total disregard for their victim. She was a very sweet, polite, well brought-up girl. What happened to her was appalling.”
Source: The Times (£)


Anonymous said...

It should be against the law for Muslim men to even be around non-Muslim women.

Heck they mayke their own women stay at home and cover up.

Let's not entertain double standards.

Anonymous said...

Guess they thought that they won't be caught. Hope they get to accommodate a broom-stick up their dumb Ignorant arses IN PRISON!!

Anonymous said...

my mother had the best comment on issues such as this one: Only allow muslims in our countries, if they get their genitals removed first xD xD xD We the people need to stand up for our rights. the governments aint doing shit, and we pay taxes and debts of muslim assholes in and outside our borders, and we suffer from them in and outside our borders. I really really want a last genocide to occur: Against ISLAM!!!

Anonymous said...

They were sick men who committed such a disgusting act, the religion of Islam is totally against such crimes!!!! So please, those who have already wrote their comments, do get your facts right. Their acts and intentions have nothing to do with the religion, yet I understand you are clearly ignorant to this and no nothing about Islam. :)

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