Friday, 9 March 2012

Berlin police are worried that an outbreak of Muslim violence may be forthcoming. Here is the story. In the Muslim-colonised area of Neukölln in Berlin, a fight breaks out at an informal "youth" football match. Most of the youths are Arabs and Turks. Two German men in their 30s intercede to try and calm matters down. The Muslims then turn on them and forget about their original quarrel. The men leave the area but a crowd of about 20 "youths" follows them home, arming themselves with stones and sticks along the way. Once the men reach their homes and go inside, the crowd doesn't disperse. So one of the men, Sven K., comes back out with a kitchen knife. The Muslims attack him and he defends himself with the knife. An 18-year Muslim is stabbed and later dies.

The police investigate the offence but the man is not held in custody because the circumstances indicate that he acted in self-defence. Sven is himself admitted to hospital, suffering from a fractured base of the skull. Now the word on the streets is "Revenge".
"We are aware of a threatening situation," says police spokesman Stefan Redlich. For that reason officials have been sent to the families, those directly concerned and to meeting places to engage in discussions. Not normal law enforcement officials, though, but rather specialists in integration and migration. They see themselves as the "connecting link" between the police and immigrant organisations. "We made clear the sequences of events that was previously known and also explained German law - for example, what self-defence is," explains Redlich.

..."I would advise him not to surface too quickly," says Burak K. "If I was killed, right away my lads would be on their way to take care of whoever had done it." That's how it works here among friends, explains the young man. When one of the mates has a dispute, the others will back him up unconditionally. Group cohesion, with the groups mostly arranged according to nationality, is very strong. One call and all the mates will be on the spot right away. The reason for the dispute is not so important.

..."I can guarantee one hundred per cent that there will be a follow-on from this. This here is its own universe with its own laws," says Burak K.
Sources: Tagesspiegel, Tagesspiegel Via: SOS Heimat

Police refused to say whether they were guarding the European man at the centre of events, Sven K. Here we see that in Muslim-colonised parts of Europe, our traditional standards of justice no longer apply. Instead, streets are ruled by the the Muslim code of clan vengeance. When you allow tribally-minded primitives to colonise your country, your country reverts to tribal primitivism. Who would have thought?


Anonymous said...

This should be proof to the multiculturalists that it is not us, the Europeans who think about us vs them, it's the muslims themselves who think us vs them... THEY don't want to be a part of our culture, our heritage, our history. They want to keep their identity, their culture and build on it here in Europe. Islam in Europe will never work, because one has to win, either it's us or them. And we're not the ones who want it that way...they are.

Georgina said...

Of course, they want us to remain tolerant, accepting and preferably feeling guilty.

I would prefer social/welfare payments to be ratioed according to how many years one has already worked (Never worked=no money).
Plenty of dirty jobs available.
Then we could afford liveable pentions and this lot would go find other dhimmis to live on.

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