Friday, 16 March 2012

Last year I wrote about Muslim dog poisoning in Spain. Has it now reached Britain?
Five dogs have died after eating pork laced with poisonous pesticide which had been thrown into their gardens.

The pets, which belonged to two different households on the same road in Knottingley, West Yorks, suffered fits which left them foaming at the mouth.

It is believed they had eaten slabs of blackened meat deliberately left for them, after tests revealed them to be poisoned.

Owners Georgina Wetherall, 34, and Emma McGuire, 27, who live just eight doors apart, now fear more dogs in the road could be targeted and police are warning neighbours to be vigilant.

Mrs Wetherall said the deaths had left her so distraught she was now planning to move out of the road, where she has lived with her family for 14 years.

The apparent attacks began in January this year, when Miss McGuire’s three-month-old Jack Russell puppy Monty was found lifeless in his cage.

After retracing his steps, she found six pieces of blackened pork loin in the garden, which vets confirmed had been poisoned.

Despite her extra vigilance, her other Jack Russell Poppy died just one month later in similar circumstances.

Miss McGuire said: "They might only be animals to some people, but they were my animals. They might as well have poisoned me."

This week, friend and neighbour Mrs Wetherall came home to find two of her dogs dead and another which foamed at the mouth before having to be put down.

The mother-of-three said: "I want to know who has done this. It's absolutely devastating. Whoever is doing this is the lowest of the low.

“They weren't just dogs, they were my family and I've never felt so empty.”

Michael Shewring, a vet from the Bartram and Patrick practice, said post-mortem tests on Mrs Wetherall’s dogs were not yet complete, but that there were similarities in the symptoms leading to all five deaths.

He added: "In the case of Miss McGuire's dogs, the owners brought in pork loin steaks from the garden which were coated in something suitably evil and suspicious.

"For two dogs to go from young, fit and healthy to seizing uncontrollably, there's no doubt these dogs were maliciously poisoned.”
Source: Telegraph

We don't know this was Muslims. But West Yorkshire is one of the most heavily Muslim-colonised parts of Britain. That's where Bradford is, for example. Also the fact that pork was used each time is very curious. Muslims are not prohibited from handling pork, only eating it. And "pork-eaters" is one of their favourite insults for infidels. In these incidents, the pork element could provide both an extra sadistic twist and a kind of justification; as the Muslim would see it, the dog would have died because it made the immoral choice of eating pork and therefore was the author of its own demise.


Anonymous said...

If the perps are Muslims, it is unlikely we will ever get to know the truth.

Anonymous said...

first, imagine our world without any dogs. now, imagine our world without islam. any questions?

Anonymous said...

LOLOL!! total agree anonymous! I would pick dogs EVERYTIME over keeping islam and all its oppressions and religiously sanctioned murders in the world today. Did you know that every year there are MORE people murdered in islamic religious decrees than in the ENTIRE 350 years of the INQUISITION??! NO JOKE - for real - check the Spanish National Archives! Now I love ppl in all shape form and fashion from EVERYWHERE! I'm a complete zenophile and anyone that knows me can certainly say I am NOT a racist, I actually even married a nice christian indian person; but when it comes to islam - I cant help but be repulsed... I love the human race in all its different ethnicities - but I find it curious that of ALL the "religions" its always islam that brings with it contrary attitudes with demands for one thing or another and just overall discord and dissention... Hindus Jews Christians Buddists - even atheists - get along FINE with eachother; but its always islam that doesn't seem to get along with any others! I'm just TIRED of people the WORLD OVER having to tolerate INTOLERANCE! ESPECIALLY IN OUR FREE WESTERN CULTURES!! And although I'm a "yank" and dont live there in the UK, I am truly HORRIFIED by how the British goverment breaks its back to cow down to preferential treatment of muslims when it comes to being PC and "culturally sensitive"!

Anonymous said...

(con't)Culturally sensitive is accepting a "culture" that is different - like the way we accept and try to be sensitive to the Indian culture, the chinese culture, etc. - but giving perference and tip-toeing around a RELIGION is NOT THAT! The orthodox jewish ppl have alot of oddities in their religion too but you dont see them demanding special treatment! On the contrary - they practice their faith quitely and go about their daily lives without offending others in WHATEVER country they live in - and not to mention THEY DO NOT murder ppl that they dont religiously agree with! People should honor each others 'culture' and keep their religion to themselves! AND - that includes keeping your religious dietary and LAW to yourself too!! You move to a Sharia country then ok - you better expect to be judged by the religious laws and thats that! But likewise - come to OUR countries where we are a secular justice system and likewise, they should RESPECT THAT! You don't see the Hindu or Jew demanding their land's laws!! Its really UNBELIEVABLE that BRITIAN - one of the BASTIONS OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION has ALLOWED a RELIGIOUS LAW into its justice system!! The 'system' is doing muslim women a SERIOUS INJUSTICE by allowing that... and my wonderful cultural "motherland", Britannia, has accepted this vile system of religious "laws" with its social abuses and discriminatory agendas into its venerated halls of equal justice for ALL citizens... and even after knowing what Churchill said about it and how we should BE CAREFUL, and appreciate our liberty!! just truly makes me so sad to see... and we are fighting it HERE now TOO!! One of the most HIDEOUS examples of PC gone BATTY is the story I read recently about the blind person there that was made to get off the bus bc the dog was "offensive" to a muslim! I tell ya folks - it would NOT have done for ME to have been on THAT bus!! I think I would have LOST MY MIND!!!!! I guess its the nurse in me that would have just went BALLISTIC in defense of that medically handicapped person bc I DEFINTELY would have stood up and JUST LITERALLY WENT NEW YORK GHETTO INSANE on that "religiously offensive" persons ASS! ...making a BLIND MAN get OFF bc some islamofascist was OFFENDED! What about OFFENDING ALL POLITE SOCIETY with THAT NASTY ATTITUDE about a handicapped person's needs??! People, I tell ya, I wish SO BADLY I had been there! I definately right about then would have GRANDLY and most ROYALLY lived up to the description of a "Loud Mouthed American"! LOLOL! PS - thanx for the blog and all the info - just hope that ppl start to wake up and QUIT TOLERATING INTOLERANCE!! and by-the-by, I think those peole in the neigborhood should get NEW PETS - those REALLY CUTE MINIATURE PIGS!! LOL!! and make SURE to walk them RIGHT ON THEIR "FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS" front yards and sidewalks!

Anonymous said...

Since we have a Muslim for President here in the USA it is only a matter of time before demon-possessed fanatical Muslims start attacking and killing dogs here in America. When will America wake up??? Islam is a religion/ideology of violence and hate. Have Americans become cowards and have great dread from hate-filled Muslims. Will America fall to Sharia Law??? In all probability America will re-elect a Muslim for President. Oh, what fools we have...

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