Saturday, 31 March 2012

France has a domestic national security alert system called Vigipirate. This is a graduated, colour-coded system that calls for different levels of government readiness and response depending on the anticipated threat. Some alert levels require the military to participate in street patrols. Because of the Mohamed Merah jihad spree, France is in a heightened state of readiness and there are soldiers on the streets now.

It was for that reason that three soldiers found themselves in Montepellier railway station on Thursday. They were surrounded by a mob of about fifteen "jeunes" who insulted them, praised Mohamed Merah and said it was going to be necessary to follow his example and attack soldiers.

Once the mob had dispersed, police were notified and searched the vicinity. They arrested three teenagers, aged between 15 and 18.

Source: Midilibre


Anonymous said...

Though there are Muslims in the French armed forces, the good thing in France is that it is the entrenched bureaucracy that controls France and its armed forces.

In a straight fight, Muslims will simply be repatriated. France does not a give a fig for the EU or its human rights laws.

When that happens, I predict that all the radical Muslims you see now, will suddenly become moderate and peaceful muslims, only trying to make a living.

Anonymous said...

What backup from the state would they have got?.

Anonymous said...

Save your aggravation France.Why should french people have to endure insecurity in their own home country? France does not need the muslims.
Repatriate them back to their hell holes and let them destroy themselves.These people are naturally bad.That is why the middle east has been in conflict for thousands of years.France deserves to be the great country that it is.Honor your ancestors France. For your history,your culture,liberty and your life. Vive la France!

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