Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I'm glad to find that I was completely wrong in conjecturing that this was a French nationalist, although I made it clear that it could also have been a jihadist.

According to BFM TV, the perpetator, a 24-year-old Muslim called Mohammed Merah, was a member of Forsane Alizza (The Knights of Pride).

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Radical Muslim Group Forsane Alizza Aims to Remove 'Islamophobic' Content From the Internet

Goodbye Forsane Alizza

It deserves to be noted especially that the group made strenous efforts to remove 'Islamophobic' content from the internet. They did this by bombarding internet companies with complaints about any content that was in any way critical or disrespectful of Islam or the so-called prophet. A special website was even set up to facilitate this. It's still up and running. You can see it here. See me previous post about it here. The website listed lots of items of supposedly Islamophobic content on sites such as YouTube and Facebook. Muslims were supposed to visit the Forsane Alizza site, scroll through the list then launch quasi-automated complaints to the relevant website administrators.

The group even threatened Pierre Sautarel, who is involved with the French anti-Islam, anti-immigration website

Many on the Left were so eager to stigmatise right-wingers that they were happy to play up to Forsane Alizza's agenda of stifling criticism of Islam. They couldn't wait to find out for sure who the perpetrator was. They just had to use it to make their political points. On the assumption that the shooter was another Breivik, they leapt in immediately with demands that Sarkozy tone down his anti-immigration rhetoric, that the stigmatisation of innocent Muslims stop and that French diversity be celebrated.

Today, in a Hall of Shame, I'll post some examples of these grotesque attempts to take political advantage of the shootings, based on nothing but vaporous speculation.

Incidentally, most news reports are mentioning only the claim that he wanted revenge for "Palestinian" children. There's a bit more to it than that. Someone claiming to be the shooter phoned up the France24 news channel and said that he did it to protest against the French law banning the wearing of burkas, France's participation in Afghanistan and only after that did he mention "Palestinian" children.


Anonymous said...

Well spoken!

Yesterday they all spoke of 'terrorism' and 'terrorist'.
Today, knowing it is a mohammed, it's all only reduced to "a crime". And the mohammed is just "a criminal".

Anonymous said...

Actually, another Mohammed, Moussaoui, is using the description, "the terrorist", at the same time trying to distance him from islam as such.

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