Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Not long ago, I posted about the French government's "National plan of action against racism and antisemitism 2012-2014". This document makes it clear that the promotion of "diversity", in other words the de-Europeanisation of Europe, is now the foremost objective of the French education system. As I wrote:
The topics chosen for study in the History, Literature, even Art classes (studying African art!) are designed to interweave with the ideological agenda.

Here comes a perfect example of it. A book called Betty Coton was read to children. Betty Coton is hardly one of the great masterpieces of world literature but since it features Europeans abusing African slaves, it'll do nicely for the cause.
A Paris teacher has come under fire for reading a book on slavery and sexual abuse to ten-year-old pupils. Parents say they are consdering legal action.

Martine says her son came home feeling sick after reading a story in school with his teacher in an interview with the daily Le Parisien.

In class, her ten-year-old son was reading Betty-Coton, a novel for teenagers aged at least 13 years old. The book tells the story of a young slave Betty and her relationship with her master Henri.

The novel includes graphic scenes where Betty is forced to masturbate Henri and is raped with a letter-opener.

"He gets up abruptly, grabs her hand and puts it on his penis. 'You see you can do it! Now move you hand slowly... stroke it up and down...'"

Parents say the pupils were too young to read such detailed accounts and have called on local authorities to protect their children. A psychologist has met the children to discuss their feelings after reading the book.

Parents however say they are still considering legal action against the school.
Source: The Local

Here's a translation of the relevant passage from the book where he rapes her with a letter-opener:
-You're right, Betty Cotton. In fact, I'm not going to dirty my penis in your negress belly. We're going to do something a bit more amusing. Lie down there!
He doesn't show her the bed, but the carpet, on the ground.
- There. Spread your legs.
Betty senses disgust invade her. Henri approaches her, bends over her, dares to touch her dark private parts with his white fingers.
She lets out a scream.
The letter-opener is brutally driven inside her. The pain is violent, atrocious. Tears flow from her eyes, and, at the same time, a stream of blood spurts between her thighs.
Source: Fdesouche.com

This was read to 9-year-old children. One came home crying to her mother. The parents have now organised a petition calling for the book to be withdrawn from the curriculum.


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