Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Further to Cheradenine’s post about Danny Lockwood’s book The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury, Mr Lockwood wrote this article in The Press just over a year ago, when Baroness Warsi was getting her knickers in a twist over Islamophobia:

Many British people don’t like a cult that at its worst wants to destroy their way of life by violent means (a small minority) or, at best, subvert it by a creeping cultural invasion (a very unhealthy majority). If not liking that idea constitutes ‘Islamophobia’ then thank God for it and you can give me my membership badge now. But it’s YOUR label Sayeeda, not mine.

You will note I said ‘cult’ and not ‘religion’ to describe the militant attitude of the people on the unacceptable anti-Christian wing of Islam. Anti-Christian? Also anti-Jew, anti-Sikh. Anti-Muslim even, given that Sunni and Shia hate each other on a par with any of the others and certainly spill more of each other’s blood, all over the world.

I’ve had my fill of reading apologists saying that ‘Islam is a peaceful religion’. Oh really? Not from where I’m looking, it isn’t. And it certainly doesn’t pass my dinner table test. ‘Religion’ to me describes a peaceful communion with a person’s god, represented by a community of believers following their own faith paths, but respectful of others. Who could take issue with that? We all know the blindingly obvious answer to that one, don’t we Sayeeda?

Islam’s abiding problem the world over is that it is a political force every bit as much as a faith. Where it dominates a nation state, it IS both faith and state. By its very nature and practice, that is not conducive to a democracy like ours. What we’ve seen with reasonably intelligent, assimilated politicians like Warsi and Shahid Malik, is an attempt to have the best of both worlds. So far, not so good—for either of them.

So I think it is to be celebrated that more and more generally peaceful, intelligent and hard-working British people are awakening to the insidious nature of the militant Islamic agenda.


Anonymous said...


Islam is the Religion of Peace, and they'll kill anyone who says it isn't.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Danny with the wisdem you carry its amazing how you seem to be waking the communities up to understand the daily rifths that go on in everyday life. You are a very strong voice for communities around you.Its a fruitful thought how you can be inspired more in the hearts of people by bringing them together sharing the common values at the same time each respecting others faiths and cultures. People are getting bored from the insitement trails and be honest with you probably time for a change from using same old faces from ethnic backgrounds and there is a myth about so called former politician who recently lost his election that he is mourning about his lost seat over a fresh candidate. Danny I see lots if people throw the paper in bin because they feel "oh another mourne". No doubt your very intelligient person and probably have lots of potential. Would be nice to hear your personal feelings on if you could bring about a change in Dewsbury what would you like to see happening?

Anonymous said...

Danny, am sure you have peronal opinions, though like the reader above commented, you always seem to be moaning and ranting, what change would you bring, what would you like to happen, what do you bring to the table thats gonna change the lives of those in the Northern deprived town of Dewsbury.. Khizar has his own misfortunes, he lost pretty badly, now He seems to be enjoying new friends in your company, and the pressnews... Khizar is a powerful man in his own right, but it seems that he is voicing his opinions through your media outlet.

I know this, because Khizar tells this story quite openly in his circles, Khizar will be back in politics with the help of the Kafir and thats verbatim.

Who is using who, you have an agenda to sell more books, and Khizar has an agenda also.

Anonymous said...

Secularism is something that needs protecting .There is a reason why the queen and the government are separate. Many religions are trying to infiltrate Government and legal systems all over the world and we must fight to stop this. America is failing with its Christian Fundementalists. Syria Iraq Sudan Saudi Yemman and now the Uk is beginning to fail .
By allowing Religious quacks of all faiths to gather strength we allow them to believe they are correct . Then they start fighting for supremacy.

We must stop all funding to religious based schools and discount any laws that are based on religious. Blasphemy is something that any religion should be able to stand up to otherwise it is a lie.

The reason I have posted anonymously is that I am not in a safe enough position to speak openly.

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