Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Danish media on Toulouse jihadist: 'Hunting a French Breivik'

Among journalists it is seen as a scandal that the media at first glance believed a Muslim Jihadist group was behind the Norwegian mass murder on June 22, 2011. Will they also consider it a scandal that they thought Nazis were behind the Toulouse serial killings and apologize for their rush to judgment? Anyway, I do not blame them for thinking that it could have been Nazis, since they have so much in common with the followers of the Quran. Both groups hate Jews and want to take over the world by violent means -- by any means necessary, actually. Thanks to the award winning blog "The Toulouse man is a 'French Anders Breivik', says TV2 News - in spite of 100 percent Mohammed factor":

From the Danish media, March 21st 2012:

Toulouse, BT-210312 Hunting nazi soldiers.jpg
BT news paper: After three attacks in France: Hunting nazi-soldiers

Toulouse, BT-210312-2, Neo-nazi suspect for massacre.jpg
BT news paper: Neo-nazi suspected for massacre. The executioners (Bødlerne?)

Toulouse, EB-210312, Hunting French Breivik.jpg
Ekstrabladet news paper: Hunting a French Breivik. An isolated extremist's revenge against society - the killer thinks he is God, says criminologist

Toulouse, JP-210312, Europes extreme Right shoots back.jpg
Jyllands-Posten news paper: Europe's extreme Right shoots back. While most of Europe have been talking about Muslim terror, the extreme Right has quietly build up a hate that several times resulted in killings

Toulouse, TV2-200312, Looking for killer among rightwing radicals.jpg
TV 2 national tv channel: Looking for the killer among Right wing extremists


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