Thursday, 29 March 2012
My plan for Innsbruck: Love for the homeland instead of Moroccan thieves

Charges have been filed against August Penz, a Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) mayoral candidate for Innsbruck over a campaign poster he has been using. It says "My plan for Innsbruck: Love for the homeland instead of Moroccan thieves".

Source: SOS Heimat

UPDATE: The Moroccan government has now officially denounced the FPO initiative and declared it will participate in the legal proceedings against it.
The Moroccan embassy in Vienna issued an angry statement attacking what it called the FPOe's "defamatory and discriminatory behaviour" and accusing it of "humiliating, stigmatising and discriminating against" the Moroccan community.

"The embassy condemns in the strongest possible terms this hurtful practice aimed only at winning votes at the cost of respect for fundamental human rights," the Austria Press Agency (APA) quoted the statement as saying.

And in Rabat junior foreign minister Youssef Amrani protested in a meeting with the Austrian ambassador against what he called "a xenophobic act", the ministry said in a statement.


Anonymous said...

Guess the thieves have thin skins...

Amine said...

you bloody racist! Get a good lawyer because Moroccan government is sueing you shortly too.

Anonymous said...

A racist party is a dishonest party. He is the greatest thief, he steals the voices of honest people .he misleads them by a purely racist propaganda.
This party is the shame of Austria and the decadent Europe

Fifteen Heretics said...

Why is it racist when it's probably true?

We need something similar in Britain but with Romanian thieves in the star roll

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, Moroccans are the scum of the earth. I know well many European countries, and I have bever known any nationality so prone an involved in crime. Except, maybe, Algerians, LOL.

Anonymous said...

ignorant racists

Maghrebi said...

Fuck those who don't like Moroccans!

Moroccan soldiers as many people know in Europe sacrificed their lives for fighting the Axis powers in World War II, the fought Germans and Italians in tunisia and italy to help france to get its freedom from Hetler ...if you don't know that you have to go here ""
people like who hate and vilify other communities or nations must be occupied by someone like Hetler ...
by the way you have to go to study the british history to discover who Moroccans are ...Fucking Tudor...!

Anonymous said...

What about what happened in the past when british people colonized other countrys and Exploited the goods?Isn't that steeling too?

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