Friday, 16 March 2012

For the second time in a week, a Muslim has attacked a mosque, killing one of the faithful inside. A few days ago it happened in Belgium. This time it's Arras in France. A Muslim came in with a baseball bat and started hitting people. One person died and another has been seriously injured. The Muslim has been arrested. He has been described as a "practising Muslim" and someone with a "psychiatric history" who was known to be "mentally unbalanced".

Imagine this had been a Breivik-style Counterjihadist. Then there would have been a relentless media focus on these incidents, with demands to shut down blogs and suppress free speech even more. But because these are Muslim-on-Muslim attacks, we can expect no significant reaction. How many fatal attacks have their been on mosques in Europe by anti-Muslim "extremists"? I can't think of any. But now we have two fatal attacks in a week committed by Muslims.

The European media have internalised the Muslim mindset, according to which infidels killing Muslims is grounds for hysteria and outrage and but Muslims killing Muslims is a matter of complete indifference. All over the world, Muslims kill other Muslims in vast numbers. But it's places like Judea and Samaria and Afghanistan that attract the anger.

Source: Le Figaro H/T: Maria José


Anonymous said...

Muslims are killing Muslims, but they are killing Christians all over the world in far greater numbers. Thy do so with assistance and encouragement from the state.

As our supine and totally dhimmified Western governments make no protest, it can be assumed that they too encourage the genocide.

Lucas said...

The same happens with blacks killing blacks.

If white gangs were killing black kids as black kids kill their own, there would be a civil war by now.

A firm believer of Christainity said...

The person who has done this act doesn't qualify to be a MUSLIM

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