Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I just had a look at the Blogger stats page for this blog. Among other things, it shows the search terms that people have used to find their way to one of the blog pages via search engines. Included among them was this gem:
can i go on a hunger strike in islam

Yes, you can Muslim! But only if you stick with it till the end! Otherwise Allah will be unhappy and the ghost of the con ma... I mean Prophet Muhammad will be displeased. In fact, one of the hadiths recommends hunger strikes as the best way for all good Muslims to purify themselves.
He who wishes to be purest in submission, let him not eat the sustenance of this earth, but let his body perish, so that he may see the face of Allah and feast with him in heaven.
Al-Zubhari, 34:2

This is from the little known Al-Zubhari collection of hadiths. The Zubhari hadiths were once regarded as the most authentic of all, but Zubhari's reputation was sullied after he developed an unfortunate relationship with a camel, leading to the destruction of most extant copies of his work. A few still survive, though, cherished by scholars and all true Muslims.


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