Saturday, 15 October 2011

A US movie in the making of the July 22 shootings that claimed 69 lives in Norway has prompted Oslo police to urge the movie producers to pull a trailer from the internet, a news report said Sunday.

Norwegian police cited the distress the film project has caused next-of-kin, according to an email sent to the producers of the film, which is being made in the United States, the VG daily said.

The film is entitled Utoya Island. The trailer, which has been uploaded on video-sharing site YouTube, depicts some of the events at the island near Oslo where 69 participants at a youth camp organized by the Labour Party youth wing were killed.

A lawyer representing the Labour Party youth wing said the movie was inappropriate.

Anders Behring Breivik, the man who has admitted to the shooting and a car bombing in central Oslo that killed eight people, remains in custody.

Executive producer George Anton told VG that one reason for making the movie was to drum up support for stricter gun control laws, for instance by equipping legally sold handguns with global positioning system devices.

The director and writer of the film was named as Russian-born Vitaliy Versace.
Source: Norway News

In the video below, the director comes across as an imbecile. From IMDB, it looks though he has worked only on Z-grade straight-to-DVD films. So don't expect any thoughtful exploration of socio-political issues.


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