Monday, 24 October 2011

The video above shows the Turkish Grey Wolves on the march in Stuttgart yesterday. They were protesting against recent Kurdish PKK attacks. Although they claimed to be demonstrating in favour of peace, making the Turkish fascist Wolf salute, which you see many of them doing, is a curious way of calling for peace.

The text on the image at the end reads:
The Europe of our children and grandchildren will no longer be the Europe we know.
Source: PI

For more on the spread of the Grey Wolves in Germany, see here.

On Saturday, militant Turks were also on the march in Saint-√Čtienne in France. During this demonstration "for peace" they smashed up a shop owned by a Kurd.


The shop owner was interviewed by a French newspaper:
"We do our work here. I employ nine people. We don't get involved in politics or religion. I'm not a representative of the PKK. We are in France here. Let them demonstrate against the PKK!"

He is still asking "why the police didn't intervene. They told me they didn't have enough people. This evening, I'm afraid for my family. Who knows if they're going to come back and set fire to the place?"

The Turks were really showing their true colours this weekend! They also attacked police and smashed up a Kurdish Community Centre in Amsterdam. There are even rumours that shots were fired. This video from the Vlad Tepes site where you can find additional information. In this video, too, you see them making the fascist wolf salute.


V said...

Why have a rally in Europe? Its awful! The grey wolfs are agressive and nothing to support. West shall have nothing to do with muslims at all! Dont come here and demand, shout and hate us and each other!:(

Anonymous said...

With Europe supporting the PKK, and having supported the damn ASALA in the past, you curse us because we fight against our enemies?
The west is a huge fucking hypocrite.
They hate the Turks, they do not want us in their shitty unions, however, they prefer to toy with us just because they can?
I hope the number of arabs increases in Europe, and your countries crumble to dust. Because that's what you deserve!

Anonymous said...

The return of the Turk Khanate and domination of Earth. Those who obey and bow to ALLAH and convert will be spared. Those that do not comply will be removed from Earth. That is all.

The Khalifa

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