Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Last week I wrote about an attack on a former Muslim who, under the pseudonym J. Gehirn, wrote a book critical of Islam. Police are continuing their investigations into the attack but so far have found no trace of the perpetrators, projectiles or witnesses. Some scepticism is beginning to be expressed about the story in the German press. Here, J. Gehirn responds to the doubters.
“Here I’d like to express myself personally on the sequence of events. At 5 in the morning I had started off on the way to work. At the ring road I noticed that someone made a sign for me to stop. So I drove to the right; the person mentioned stopped about 10 metres from me at the edge of the road. There were two people and the passenger got out. I thought he wanted he wanted to ask me about a street or something like that. Suddenly I heard two shots and with the third shot there was a hold in the windscreen – then I ducked as quick as I could. In that moment I thought he maybe he was going to come towards me and shoot me in the head. So I got out of the car and fled into the bushes. When I was there I called the police and out of the corner or my eye I saw the people driving away as fast as they could. I stayed there till the police came and took charge of the investigation.

So much for the sequence of events. For months, I had already been threatened in writing and by telephone in Arabic. They threatened to kill me if I didn’t withdraw my book from the market. If I was interested in making capital from this, I could already have gone to the press about it much earlier. That it reached the press in such a tragic way was definitely not my intention or idea – I could have been dead now if they had shot 20 cm to the side! Since the incident I’ve been under 24-hour personal government protection; that has to show the seriousness of the situation. The fact is there are always doubters and they interpret all stories in the way that suits them.

If someone is against justice, freedom and enlightenment, then of course he will demonise me and think up stories that could damage me or make me appear in a bad light. The other side will see the matter more soberly and understand me and also understand that I am the victim here not the perpetrator. What the press is saying now is speculation, because they weren’t there and are reacting to witness statements from third parties. I can’t say anything about the police investigations. I am waiting for answers. I recommend to the doubters that they get in touch with the police and don’t spread rumours, because in the end this is about my life!”
Source: PI

According to information he provided earlier, Gehirn grew up in a "Muslim country" and came to the West at the age of 15, where he got married and had a family. He became something of a macho character. Due to the pressure exerted on him by his belief system and dissatisfaction with himself, he acted inconsiderately towards to his wife and children. Later, when he ended up in prison for several years, he devoted himself to the study of the Koran and developed a critique of it.


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