Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The president of the Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC), Josep Anglada, today expressed his concern about the "alarming" immigration figures reached in Spain, which, in his judgement, compromise very seriously the future of our collective identity.

"Although the data tends to be very opaque, and the numbers are prettified and attenuated, there are 6,000,000 immigrants in Spain; to those we have to add the around a million immigrants naturalised after several years of legal residence. This means 7 million foreigners in total; that is to say, more than 13% of the population living in Spain is foreign or of foreign origin. There is only one name for this: invasion," warns Anglada.

The leader of the Spanish nationalists recalled that this "immigrant flood" occurred "in the brief period of fifteen years", which in his opinion represents "a phenomenon of demographic invasion without precedent in history". With a view to the elections on 20 November, Anglada believes it is essential that the voters ask themselves "when this nonsense started and who the guilty party was". His response is conclusive: “In 1996 when José María Aznar came to power, the number of foreigners was 1.6%, almost all of them retired persons from northern Europe, and at the end of his mandate it was over 6% immigrants, coming from the third world. The PP's economic model [PP = Partido Popular, the main right-wing party in Spain], based on real estate speculation and construction, needed cheap labour, and Aznar and his then Interior Minister, Mariano Rajoy, did everything possible to facilitate the entry of the largest number of immigrants possible".

...”If the PP was responsible for opening the door to the immigrants, the PSOE [Socialist Party] dedicated itself to rolling out the red carpet for them. With Zapatero in power, in 2004, Spain was the destination of 20% of all immigrants coming to the European Union. In 2005, ... it had the idea of carrying out a massive new regularisation of immigrants, provoking a devastating "whistle effect" [means it results in follow-on migration of family members and others who hope for another amnesty in future]. So, in 2007 we surpassed 4 million, which made us the country with the second highest immigration in the entire world. Zapaterism wasn't capable of stopping the immigrant avalanche in the years of [economic] crisis. Despite the increase in unemployment and the precariousness that thousands of Spanish families are living through, in 2008 400,000 more immigrants arrived, a figure that climbed to 520,000 in 2009." And he added: “PP and PSOE have counted on the permanent collaboration of the CiU, ERC and IU-ICV [Catalan parties], among whose demerits is that they have succeeded in ensuring that Catalonia always has a higher percentage of immigrants than the rest of Spain and that the pressure of immigration is a constant burden for Catalan society”.

Finally, the president of Plataforma per Catalunya indicates that his political organisation is the only one that is proposing "a real and concrete alternative" to the problem of foreign invasion. ”The PP, the PSOE and the rest of the parties with parliamentary representation have one and the same immigration policy, which we consider suicide." In his judgement, it has provoked "poverty, marginalisation, insecurity, injustice, unfair competition, chaos in the health and social security system...".
“The elections of 20th November are approaching and there are only two options: that of following the current dynamic or stopping the invasion, first of all holding then returning the flow of immigration, repatriating the immigrants. For this reason it is of vital importance that we succeed in getting a platform in the next elections and that our position is defended in the Congress of Deputies, and therefore in all of Spain," Anglada concludes.
Source: Alerta Digital

It's curious that the only politicians I ever hear talking about immigration and islamification in Spain are from this Catalan nationalist party Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC). Are there no politicians or parties in the rest of Spain that talk about it? I've noticed we've had some web traffic from Spain recently so maybe one of our Spanish visitors can enlighten us.


Feli said...

Well, in Spain there are more political parties which oppose to the Islamization and to the immigration, for example "España y Libertad", "Democracia Nacional" and "España 2000", but PxC is the most known. Of course, the media says that "España y Libertad", "Democracia Nacional" and "España 2000" are racists, fascists and islamophobes.

This is España y Libertad:


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

OK, thanks. I'll read up on them then maybe make a post about it later. Or maybe you'd like to write an article for the website on the anti-immigration/anti-Jihad scene in Spain if you're knowledgeable about it?

Feli said...

Alas, my english is bad and the anti-immigration/anti-Jihad scene in Spain is too small, because the media calls "fascist" and "racist" to the anti-immigration people. Our only hope are the next elections, in November 20. According to surveys, the right-wing party (PP) will win the elections by absolute majority. The PP is not an anti-inmigración/anti-islamización party but is much better than the Socialist Party wich right now governs in Spain.

2 anti-Jihad spanish web pages:



Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Thanks for the links. I knew about La Tercera Yihad but not the other.

Anonymous said...

(Cliff Arroyo)

IMO the president of something called the "Plataforma per Catalunya" has little reason to whine about weakening of collective Spanish identity. He can get back to me when they change the name to "Plataforma por Cataluña" (or better yet "Plataforma catalana por España")

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