Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Baitul Nasr mosque, the largest in Scandinavia, was officially opened last Friday.
The large building has been a focal point in the area for a number of years. The structure has a 5m dome, a 25m tower and can house up to 4500 people at a time. It has 3000 square meters of floor space.
Source: Norway News

Note the curious presence of a guy with a machine gun standing outside. How many religious buildings need to be guarded by guys with machine guns? In a similar vein, it strikes me as rather curious that the representative of the Norwegian government at the event was the country's defence minister. Then again, perhaps it's not so strange after all. Maybe he's been reading Breivik's manifesto.
The country’s Defence Minister, Grete Faremo, attended the event on behalf of the Norwegian Government and also presented a message on behalf of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. In her comments she said:

“Religion has always played an important role in Norway. The new Norway also has a central role for religion. So we must open all our doors and invite all others as we are seeing here today. This is not my place of worship but irrespective of this I still feel real warmth here.”

These are Ahmadi Muslims, who are generally among the least offensive of the followers of Mohammed. Note that, in their choice of architectural style and building location, however, they exhibit the same kind of ostentatious supremacism as other Muslims.
...When you take Highway E6 at Oslo City and follow the four-lane highway to the airport’s International Terminal or take the reverse route, you must pass Furuset Mosque.

International passengers, diplomats and tourists must acknowledge the Furuset mosque coming to and from the Airport. 

This are no other religious symbols except this mosque between the Norwegian International Airport and Oslo’s Main Capital on the E6 Motorway. 

Christians and people of other faiths are frustrated by this symbolic sight on the Highway. Norway is a country of peace and goodwill extending welcome to people of all faiths.

The mosque sends a message that inaccurately reflects the religious values of Norway to all International passengers traveling to and from the airport.

In the interest of peace and tolerance, opening a mosque in such a vantage point is not good for passengers, tourists or for Muslim diplomats.
Source: Norway News


Johnny Rottenborough said...

The name of the mosque means ‘House of Victory’.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Interesting. More supremacism.

A lot of mosques seem to be called 'Victory' mosques for some reason. In Germany, a many of the mosques are called 'Fatih', which means victory.

Johnny Rottenborough said...

More worryingly, fatiḥ actually means ‘conquest’.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Right, conqueror. The Turkish sultan adopted the name after capturing Byzantium. Now most Turkish mosques seem to carry it. And dhimmi politicians turn up smiling at the opening events, without realising they are celebrating the conquest of their own country.

Asaf said...

it seems that you have not given serious thought to this piece that you have written it is just bigotry on your part. You have not quoted an iota of evidence against the Ahmadi Muslims for the mosque. Is it that the faith you belonged to was short sighted and did not see it as a beautiful spot to acquire the lands a long time ago and erect it's own structure go through Islamic history and you will see where freedom and democracy first had it's voice, abolition of slavery and womens right were fundamental points in Islamic culture which is what is preached by Ahmadi Muslims

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It was Muslims who developed the slave trade in Africa and maintained it for more than 1000 years. It was we westerners who brought it to an end. Mohammed himself kept slaves and captured free people and turned them into slaves.

It is ridiculous for you to credit Islam with the abolition of slavery, much less women's rights.

Anonymous said...

Its funny because this particular community is considered to be non muslim by 95% Muslims around the world.

Anonymous said...

It is my opinion that most of the Mosques around Europe are actually FORTS. This is where lectures on how to conquer, eventually Muslims will take over Europe. All the problems they are causing are all over the world are not being stopped. How they the Muslims get the planning offices of the big cities in Europe to permit them to build these monstrosities is unbelievable. In the Muslim countries the other Religions would NOT be allowed to build big Churches. They have NO RESPECT for other religions. They suppress women and it is well known. Nuns are not permitted to wear their 'habits' in muslim countries. Also, it is dangerous for muslim women to go out at night alone in their own country.
France has areas where the police will not enter, it is so dangerous . . . also, most of these muslims are connected to terrorist groups . . . usually by donating finances.
Wake up Europe and the States.

Felix Matt said...

The Terminal 2 design concept incorporating a pier was chosen in March 2008, preliminary design was completed in January 2010 and construction started in 2011.

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