Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Yesterday I posted videos showing aggressive displays of Turkish nationalism in Stuttgart, and Amsterdam over the weekend. That seemed bad enough. But it's now clear many other European cities were rocked by virulent displays of Turkish nationalism at the same time, many culminating in violence. The videos on this page do not show the violence, only the main parts of the demonstrations. But the primitive, aggressive nationalism of the Turks is there for all to see.

The video above shows Turks in the German city of Hagen. After marching through the city, about 150 of the Turks advanced aggressively on a Kurdish cultural centre. Kurdish youths emerged from it and engaged them in a pitched battle. There was hand-to-hand combat and stones and roof slates were also thrown. The police had to summon reinforcements then deploy tear gas and use their truncheons to get the situation under control.


The video below shows a similar demonstration in Hamburg.


After the main demonstration, around 200 Turks and Kurds confronted one another, exchanging insults and occasionally fighting. Police tried for around one hour to defuse the situation and separate the groups. The name of the YouTube channel this video appears in is Bozkurt.TV. Bozkurt means "Grey Wolf".


Here you see the Turks (even the females) engaging in primitive nationalistic chanting and making the fascist wolf-sign salute in front of Cologne's ancient cathedral.

In the video below you can even see them flying a Turkish flag from the cathedral.

Turkish flag flying from Cologne cathedral

Known members of the Grey Wolves were spotted at this demo.



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