Wednesday, 5 October 2011

In 2008, Craig Rocket was attacked in Rotherham town centre by ‘a gang of around five or six Asian youths’. The judge at Sheffield Crown Court described the violence directed at Mr Rocket as ‘almost unbelievable’:

‘I have seen a video of what happened which is quite horrifying,’ he told the court. ‘I have known murder cases where there was considerably less violence used than in this case.’

The report of the trial in The Star includes the good news that ‘miraculously, Mr Rocket escaped with only superficial injuries from the attack’.


Anonymous said...

They must feel force of law!

Anonymous said...

This is our agenda and statement of mission!
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Eaglesword said...

like they do to us, we have to pay back to them. Plane and simple.

The malice and agony they brought over us christians and jews, also hindus, has to be replied by significance ant not by appeacement. Civilized westerners, bring the war back to them, right into the heart of their centres. Destroy their shrines, beginning with Mecca, Medina, then Ghom, Tehran and other places. Let them taste their own medicine, let they feel how torture feels, let them see how destruction looks, let them hear how psiko terror sounds!
Hold a mirror to their faces.

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