Thursday, 20 October 2011

In Bandrélé, not a night goes by without a rape and violent attacks on the Mzungus (whites). Many people are looking to leave in any way that they can, even though access to the airport is almost impossible, because of the barricades and the barge that hardly works.

"We are secluded in our homes, hoping that the Mahorais [people of Mayotte] aren't going to attack the whites," says Alexandre [a teacher]. Because the autopsy of Ali El Anziz, the 39-year-old man who collapsed on Wednesday during the demonstration, is due to take place this Thursday to clarify the circumstances of his death. "I'm afraid of the consequences if it's not a simple heart attack. We're also waiting to see how the white march in his memory unfolds. The dead man's mother has already called for calm, as has Daniel Zaïdani, president of the council. But there were some beatings of whites a few years ago. I think anything is possible. It may come to that."
Source: 20Minutes

This from Mayotte: 97% Muslim. Technically part of France and therefore the EU.


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