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[Video shows what these festivals typically involve]

The leaders of Islamic associations in Spain have demanded that the festivals traditionally held there to celebrate the reconquest of the country from the Muslim invaders be suppressed because they are offensive to Muslims.

These celebrations are known as the Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos (Festivals of Moors and Christians). More than a hundred are held in Spain in different localities. Some last for days and feature elaborate and colourful re-enactments of battles.

The president of the Federación Española de Entidades Religiosas Islámicas (FEERI) [Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious Assocations] and the imam of Malaga mosque said the festivals should be discontinued because of the image they give of Muslims, saying the celebrations "have no place in a democratic Spain".

The imam asked what the reaction would be in some towns if celebrations of the arrival of Franco's troops were held and "the resulting punishment inflicted on the population". In the interests of "good convivencia, they need to disappear", he said.

The president of FEERI said:
“In a democratic Spain, where all religious faiths are represented, these celebrations of conquest must disappear. Like any other representation of islamophobia or racism, it must be eliminated."

He claimed that some of the festivals included offensive acts against Mohammed. This refers to Valencia where some festivals dramatise the recapture of a castle by a band of Christians followed by the destruction of a 3-metre effigy of Mohammed using firecrackers. Some elements of these festivals have already been suppressed.

The director of the Islamic Commission of Spain said:
"We will never justify violent acts but there is a need to show restraint and take into account what the prophet Mohammed means to us. This cannot be taken lightly because it could result in elements of discord."
Source: Alerta Digital

Here is a good description of one of the major festivals, in Alcoy, Valencia.
Armies march all day to the sound of the bands. Berbers, soldiers from Marrakesh, Mudéjares, Abencerrajes and Benimerines are all preparing for war. A group of Andalusian bandits is also there, as well as Basque soldiers, an army from Asturias, and even a band of Valencian peasants armed with farming implements. All of them are ready for the battle. Martial music announces the glory of the upcoming struggle. The people lining the streets admire and encourage the warriors. Soldiers march, sergeants wave to the crowds and horsemen show off their skills. All day long the hosts parade through a city decked with banners, especially the red cross of Saint George. The mood is festive as Alcoy sends her armies off to war.

Two days later, the city is filled with the roar of battle as gunpowder smoke covers the city like fog. The Moors and Christians battle the whole day; the Christians are defeated in the morning and the Moorish crescent can be seen on the ramparts of the castle where the red cross had once flown. When the fighting is at its fiercest, Saint George himself appears at the top of the castle to aid the Christian armies. The tide is reversed; the Moors retreat.

Every year, in April, the Saint gives victory to the Christian hosts as Alcoy, in Valencia, re-enacts the famous, and largely mythical battle. The celebration is one of the great fiestas in Spain and the greatest in the world, according to many an Alcoyano.

La fiesta is a year-long business for the people of Alcoy, as they prepare for those four days. Membership in one of the twenty-eight Moorish or Christian armies, called filaes, is much more than a hobby. The participants meet regularly throughout the year to commune with their brethren, raise funds, organize banquets, and plan out the numerous activities that make up this fiesta. For them, the year starts and ends in April, the time when they make their costumes and march to the sound of the bands.

The euphoria is topped off, when they fire hundreds of blanks with their blunderbusses making this the noisiest of Spanish fiestas. Money and time are spent prodigiously by the members of the filaes. Many save up throughout the year, and more than a few make yearly visits to the local pawn shops. The matter of clothes is expensive enough. Every army has its own traditional costume design, both fancy and fanciful. Many of them, especially those for the captains, cost a small fortune. Every year, the Christian and Moorish captains are provided by different filaes on a rotation basis. They always vie for the best-dressed captain ever. At the end of the fiesta the captains, usually well-to-do businessmen, donate their costumes to the Moors and Christians museum.

Although no effort is made to achieve strict historical accuracy in the clothes, plenty of attention is given to the details and the costumes have to follow certain rules. Some modern accessories are allowed, like eyeglasses and watches, and most of the soldiers, even non-smokers, chomp on cigars. These cigars are a tradition of the fiesta, although nobody seems to know exactly why. "They're just part of the fun," says one Alcoyano. But this is no costume party, no carnival. No tell tale trouser legs or modern shoes remind you that this is all make-believe. Maybe because, in a sense, it isn't make-believe; it seems that you are seeing these insurance salesmen, shopkeepers or bank presidents emerge from drab existences into their true, glorious selves. After the flags and drums, horses and castles, feathered helmets and shining armour, the rest of the year seems like mere Clark Kent stuff. This is fun taken seriously. At the end of the fiesta, Alcoyanos are always sad. But there remains a consolation: "only 361 days till the next one".

You can see how much it means to the people there. But it all counts for nothing. It all has to go now - to appease Muslims. The people of Spain must not be allowed to celebrate the recovery of their country from a foreign invader. Because the foreign invader is back. And this time, instead of defending against the invasion, the power of the Spanish state is being used to facilitate it. It's the same story all over Europe. Our governments have sided with the invaders against their own people.

The video below shows how elaborate these festivals can be.


Bunny Olesen said...

Man FUCK those pieces of shit. Nobody goes into their countries and tells them what to do. Muslims invaded Spain and occupied for 700 years!! One of their treaties with northern spain included a clause for 100 white virgins a year for use in their harems. Filthy rag asses need to GTFO.

Anonymous said...

Have they actually banned the festivals or are they trying?

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Just trying at the moment, although restrictions have already been introduced on some of them.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a cult. It is the one that must pack up and get the boot. Islam is on its way down and good rid dins.
Mark Harding Canada.

Anonymous said...

Christianity and the Crusades must rise again and defeat these sorry ass Muslims. They are doing their best around the globe, to change history and the perception of Islam, so they can conquer us. Muslim trying to use our democratic freedoms that our great, great grandparents fought for so they can move their agenda. GTFO and go back to Arabia!!!

Anonymous said...

The Tenth and final Crusade needs to happen. This time, the goal of all Christians must be to wipe Islam from the face of the earth, once and for all time. Let them be a footnote in history.

Anonymous said...

There are four great triumphs of civilization over islam-o-barbarism worth mentioning here: 1. Charles Martel's defeat of Muslim invaders, Ferdinad and Isabella's defeat of the Moors, the defeat of the Islamic armies at the gates of Vienna, and the establishment of Israel in 1948. Decent, generous, and civilized people celebrate all four.

Anonymous said...

"Once a Muslim land, forever a Muslim land" is what they believe and put into force. Notice they use "democracy" to advance their religious rights, but we all learn sooner or later (sooner the better)that tolerance is one way street and is never reciprocated.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE do compare the way Muslims treated Spanish people when they first con-quested the country versus what Christians did when they retrieved Spain. Compare how Christians did not only kill Muslims but also Jews who stayed on their religion secretly. Please do not talk if you don't know history. READ first then talk!! this so called "festival" is a celebration of killing thousands of Muslims and Jews and did not separate between Men, women, Elderly or even children!! They killed them all with cold blood!! While when Muslims first con-quested Spain they did not kill women, children or non-fighting men! they did not burn trees and homes down! they did not convert churches to mosques!! and they allowed free practice of religion!!

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

What a grotesque lie that is. The Muslims butchered, raped and murdered. The fact that they kept some of the Christians and Jews alive to use them as slaves so they could pay jizya only makes their evil even more twisted. The Muslims were invaders and the Spanish had every right to expel them, including by wholesale butchery.

Yes, the Muslims who pretended to convert later rebelled against the Spanish crown and tried to form alliances with Turkey. The Spanish had every right to kill them. You can never trust a practitioner of a religion that sanctions the use of deception in the way that Islam does. You are the one who doesn't know history.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Christian. I'm not a European. I'm an Asian. But I must say, Islam must be contained. Europe needs a new Reconquista. While there isn't much I can actually help you guys, I give you my words of support. If those muslims don't like the way people live in Europe, they should all go back to where they came from where they can kill rape victims by throwing rocks at them.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. If you knew anything about history, you'd know that Catholicism, brought be the Germanic Visigoths, was itself an "invader" in Spain from the 600s. In addition, the native Spaniards at the time clearly were unhappy with the oppressive Visigoths, for when the Arab Muslims arrived in the early 700s, they were practically let in without any real force; also, it only took the Arab Muslims 5 years to conquer Spain, when it took the Catholics 700 years to do the same! Clearly, the Spaniards liked the free love, free religion, and abundant education brought by the Arabs. In conclusion, both Catholicism AND Islam are "invaders" of Spain, but it was Islam that actually liberated the country. It is a travesty that this is forgotten.

Anonymous said...

This is complete nonsense! The Visigoths were Arians (a Christian group close to early Islam) when they invaded already Catholic Spain. Unlike the 'Arab Muslim' invaders they took the Spanish Catholic religion for themselves. Stop reading Moroccan school books and calling that history!

Unknown said...

Then please explain your theory to muslims in my country, they wreck havoc our churches,killed not only christians but buddha and hindis too! They even support ISIS from backround too! I can't believe your religion really

niko said...

Totally agreed with you

niko said...

They tried but the government said NO because if they would suppress it it would create hate against them... Can you imagine to ban part of our history and culture just because they got offended????

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