Saturday, 29 October 2011

Photos and video from the Muslim demonstration against 'Islamophobia' in Bern. Apparently the Muslims installed an inflatable minaret in front of the Swiss Parliament as a gesture of defiance against the minaret ban.

"Learn to accept that Islam is part of Switzerland!"

Source: Bivouac ID (More photos there)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kick off those scams...

Anonymous said...

Islam does not belong into Europe or for that matter into the 21st century. Islam and the Koran foster a rape culture and the enslavement of women and girls. This death cult religion must be banned in Western counties and immigration of Muslims must be set to zero. There cannot be a compromise in Islam because the Koran, Allah's word, is immutable and absolute forever. Now, go and read the Koran and you will see that "Mein Kampf" is mild literature compared to what the Koran has in store for Jews and Christians and anyone else who rejects Islam. Muslims have been inbred for centuries hence their decline in intelligence and the tendency to use violence whenever they are displeased.

Westerner said...

How utterly disgusting to see them try to paint themselves as victims, when Muslims are so clearly the victimizers again and again.

(I was going to ask if they have no shame, but I guess we know the answer to that question!)

Anonymous said...

That tells you something, Islam does not belong into Europe!

BunBun4life said...

They ALWAYS paint themselves as the victims, and now to make that star symbol and compare themselves to jews is fucking unbelievable and DISGUSTING. TinY TINY MINORITY can cause so much trouble and so much violence, criminal activities, rape - they are disgusting, gross, corrupt, and they stink.

In America they are less than 1% and look at all the coverage they get.

Anonymous said...

Usual Muslims, all converge and protest their rights, but its okay for them to persecute when they have the power.
The fact is most of the ones who organise such rallies hold extremist views, its so hypocritical they shout from the rooftops all the time, all of those "protesters" would support the death of somebody who converts out of Islam (even those who convert to Islam themselves are hypocrites who'd support death pentalty for someone leaving Islam, if we had equivilent laws and customs, they'd be killed here)

Also about these Converts, I am sorry but i think they convert because it gives them a spotlight, have you ever noticed how converts to Islam are fast tracked into top positions in Muslim lobbyist groups?, Ever noticed how as soon as they convert, most are into the "politics" and "claiming oppression".

In other religions, when people join, they usually take the back bench, listen, learn and follow an older priest/spiritual guider who shapes them in the faith, while in the Islamic faith, they convert people on a whim, fast track them to positions of authority and influence, basically make them into poster boys for Islam.

It basically shows alot of converts are attention seekers and shows Islam is just about building numbers and control than any spiritual substance.

boycott729 said...

Islam is peace.
Stop racism

David Bradley said...

thank you for your blog.

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