Saturday, 22 October 2011

Marseilles again. There's a good article in L'Express about its descent into Third World-style anarchy. I may translate more of it later. For now, here's the part that describes Muslim hostility to the Roma. The journalist is interviewing a French doctor. Gypsies and people without health care coverage queue up at the hospital for free treatment. When the doctors try and provide care for them in their camps, though, they are often physically attacked by the local inhabitants (almost certainly Muslims although it doesn't say this explicitly). The next sentence does describe "commando" attacks on the Roma carried out by North Africans, however.
Pursued by the police, the 1500 men, women and children listed in the city wander between two wild camps, like the one at the porte d'Aix, and shanty towns. "It's common for the inhabitants to insult us and attack us when we care for them on the ground", notes Cendrine Labaume. The MDM (Médecins du Monde) official has recently counted around a dozen violent attacks on Roma with Molotov cocktails and iron bars. Commando operations often carried out by North Africans...
Source: L'Express


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