Monday, 3 October 2011

The Bureau National de Vigilance Contre l'Antisémitisme (National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism), a French NGO, has published a report on its website about a group of girls "described as of North African origin" who insulted and attacked some Jews in Vigneux (Paris area) in France. They are said to have shouted "Look at the cursed race ... dirty Jews ... fuck Jews..." before launching a physical attack on them. One of the Jews had to be taken to hospital with a broken arm. Others were also injured.

After a complaint was made to the police, the perpetrators were arrested. Here's where it gets really interesting:
but according to witnesses, they had to be released under pressure from a group of individuals besieging the police station. The victims and eye-witnesses stated that there was hysterical hatred emanating from the attackers.

Does the Muslim mob now rule in France? Does the authority of the police count for nothing? Only a few days ago I posted about an incident in which two police officers trying to book a woman for wearing the burka had to withdraw after being subjected to aggression from a Muslim mob.


gsw said...

Unless the French justice system is willing to follow through, with prison, loss of nationality and benefits, it will just get worse.
Like spoilt children, only saying NO and meaning it will change anything.
I fear that civil war is coming to Europe, I cannot believe that women will continue to see their children threatened and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Me and my wife were attacked by 8 Arabas, 2 vs 8 and the police took everything down as if we were guilty, now we have a convocation on the 13th of this month and my wife is afraid that the poilce will try everything to put us in jail.
The biggest problem in France is the police doing everything except there job, and no one is checking them to make sure they are doing there job, it's crazy when innocent people are made criminals because they deffend them selves.
And the thing that makes me angery is even if the police listen to reason NOTHING will happen to these people.
And yes the police went very far on this one they refused my statment they called my wife a liar yet they excepted the Arabs version wich was so over exsaturated it wasn't funny.
But for now we have to wait for the 13th and it's not easy, because the U.S. emabassy dosn't seem to want to be involved with anything, and yes I'm a U.S. citizen.

Just goes to show you there is no justice in France unless it is justice you make.

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