Monday, 10 October 2011

The insurrection on Mayotte continues. A policeman has been arrested because a flashball he fired struck and injured a 9-year-old girl.

Le Monde has some interesting background information on Mayotte today. Of the 200,000 people on the island, only 30,000 work! The ones who do work are mostly in the public sector and they're totally incompetent! Last year €46 million of investment planned by the French government could not take place because the local public officials were not competent enough to manage it!
In Mayotte, the public sector accounts for half of wage-earners, but 80% of the agents of local authorities are in Category C. They were often hired for family or political reasons, and are not capable of doing their jobs. Elected politicians who demanded "social hires" are responsible for this situation. The concern is that the agents have been integrated into the territory's public administration during the départementalisation [formal incorporation into France that occurred in March this year] and the wage burden then increased by 30%.

The council, the town councils and other local authority associations find that 80% of their budget on average is devoted to operating costs, essentially salaries. Some don't have enough revenue left over to cover their mandatory expenditures. So they have cut into investment spending, support for integration, sporting and social associations, cultural activities, economic assistance, all of which adds to the current discontent. Of the 17 local authorities on the island, around a dozen are under administrative supervision, as well as the council, which has accumulated a deficit of 65 million euros.
Source: Le Monde

Mayotte is also one of the major Muslim invasion points into Europe. These people are French and EU citizens and anyone born there automatically becomes a French and EU citizen. Expectant mothers flock from all over East Africa to try and have their children in Mayotte hospitals.

The historian Bernard Lugan, writing in Novopress:
To recall, this overseas Lampedusa produces nothing and the immense majority of its population is unemployed or lives on benefits generously provided by France; around 60% of its inhabitants speak only Swahili or Malagasy. Polygamous Muslims are in the majority there and among 200,000 inhabitants, there are at least 60,000 illegal immigrants. As for the Mamoudzou maternity hospital, it brings 7000 young compatriots into the world each year, of whom 80% are born to mothers originally from East Africa and even as far as the Congo Basin.
Source: Novopress

Lugan accuses the politicians of having pushed through Mayotte's incorporation into France as a result of a "wretched electoral calculation" and deplores the fact that only the citizens of Mayotte were allowed to vote on it in a referendum, not the people of metropolitan France, or the people of the EU, he might well add.
Faced with the veritable diktat that the départementalisation of Mayotte represents, the most incredible thing is that, legally, there is no way to reverse it, that is to say to return to the status quo ante which would allow this island in the Indian Ocean to remain within the French "ensemble" without having to submit to the consequences of this surrealist départementalisation.

Lugan describes Mayotte as being in a state of "quasi-insurrection". A few months away from an election in which its survival is at stake, Lugan predicts the French government will purchase "social peace" by accepting the demands of the Mayotte citizens, demands that will ultimately have to be paid for by French taxpayers.

Photos: Imazpress


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