Saturday, 29 October 2011

[The orange lines show what percentage of the employed are of immigrant origin in various Austrian cities.
The blue lines show the percentage of the unemployed who are of immigrant origin.
The red line shows the percentage of unemployed of immigrant origin for Austria as a whole.]
Often they come in accompanied, sometimes with half the family in tow. The women sit there mutely, the veil pulled over their faces, while the man at their side speaks. If the counsellor manages to get a few words out of them, often it reveals broken German.

Turkish girls and women are among the most difficult clients for employment counsellors. Three quarters have only completed the period of mandatory schooling - and even that not always completely. "One day they go to school, then not again", says Inge Friehs, "because it's clear in advance they're supposed to marry and become housewives."

Friehs describes only one facet of the disquieting overall picture: among the clients of the employment service people of immigrant origin are heavily overrepresented. At 31.4% their share of those who are unemployed in Austria is almost twice as high as their share of those who are employed. In Vienna immigrants represent "only" 32 percent of those in employment, but almost half of job-seekers. Of the unemployed young people in the city, those of foreign origin represent as many as 70 per cent.
Source: Der Standart Via: SOS Heimat


Jhon Staphen said...

i am so glad to see Massive Unemployment resources in Austria. thanks for posting.
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