Sunday, 2 October 2011

The film Les Hommes Libres (Free Men) has just been released in France. I posted about this before, showing that it is one in a long line of multicult propaganda films now coming out of France thanks to the existence of a state agency whose specific role is to promote positive images of "diversity" in the media and offer financial subsidies to film and programme makers willing to become cogs in the propaganda machine.

Les Hommes Libres is essentially a kind of reprise of Schindler's List with Muslims now cast in the role of the Jews' saviour, supposedly saving their lives by helping them pretend to be Muslims.

Much of the film revolves around the Grand Mosque in Paris. It's interesting to note that the director wanted to shoot the relevant parts of the film in the real Grand Mosque but was denied permission by the mosque management. Perhaps they weren't keen on the idea of being associated with saving Jews from the Nazis? We know that, when being taught about the Holocaust in contemporary French schools, Muslim schoolchildren routinely express approval of what the Nazis did.

The director himself is a Muslim and obviously wanted to do his bit for the Muslim cause. There is a photograph showing Kaddour Benghabrit, the founder of the mosque, shaking hands with a Nazi officer. Because of this, the director admitted in an interview, he incorporated this scene into the film in a context that explains it away and justifies it. Even the Muslim-friendly Le Monde admitted "All the complexity of the situations is erased in favour of an edifying tale".

[Beyond their differences, they fight together for liberty]

The historian Michel Renard savaged the authenticity of the film in an article that appeared yesterday.
The film "Les Hommes libres" by Ismël Ferroukhi is enjoyable but its relationship to historical truth is rather remote.

It is true that the singer Selim (Simon) Halali was saved by the delivery of papers falsely attesting that he was a Muslim. Other Jews were probably protected by members of the mosque in identical conditions. But to claim that the Paris Mosque sheltered and, even more, organised a resistance network to save Jews, is not based on testimony that has been collected nor on any real archive. It is based on imagination.

...The only mention of organised and systematic resistance activity in favour of Jews and others (communists, freemasons) by the Paris Mosque comes from the later, solitary testimony of Albert Assouline, who today is dead.

He wrote in the Bulletin des amis de l'islam (Bulletin of the Friends of Islam), No. 11, 3rd quarter 1983, filed in the archives of Seine-Saint-Denis. But this is not an "archive". He then reiterated his claims in the documentary, "A forgotten resistance…" made by Derri Berkani in 1990.

But Assouline does not speak of resistance networks and his empathic remarks about hundreds of people sheltered and saved are suspect in the eyes of the historian who wants to confront and collate witness testimonies.

I will be able to prove that he is wrong on a point of detail concerning the fate of an important French personality who was never welcomed into the mosque, in contrast to what Assouline says. In any case, no other witness has corroborated his statements.

...But these stories of fantastical escapes through the mosque's underground passages and the sewers leading to the Seine smack more of the literature of Alexandre Dumas or Eugène Sue. Not historical reality. It is nevertheless surprising that fiction prevails over reality on this point. Historical reality cannot be manipulated with impunity.

This fable of a Muslim Schindler's List in the Paris Mosque bears all the hallmarks of being yet another in the long line of outrageous Muslim frauds. It starts with a guy called Albert Assouline making claims in a journal called Bulletin of the Friends of Islam. Some of the claims are known to be false; the others are uncorroborated. A Muslim film-maker, Derri Berkani, then picks up on these and publicises them further in a documentary featuring the same Albert Assouline. Another Muslim film-maker, Ismaël Ferroukhi, then takes this already dubious story and weaves it into an even more fantastical narrative, one that he incorporates into a cinema film that is supported financially by a French government agency whose mandate is to promote positive images of Muslims, immigrants and diversity!

Ha!Ha! This is so outrageous that it is actually funny. But the fact that they can manufacture this fable out of almost nothing and then disseminate it around the world to universal approval shows the diabolical power of the apparatus of deceit that the Muslims and their xenomaniac enablers in the West have set up.


Anonymous said...

Dangerous myth building for future generations, in the same tradition that speaks of "The golden age", referring to Spain.

Anonymous said...

You wrote: "We know that, when being taught about the Holocaust in contemporary French schools, Muslim schoolchildren routinely express approval of what the Nazis did." How do you know about this fact, could you at least quote your sources???

I am black, French and Muslim, also, when they have taught us about holocaust, I cannot remember any of the Muslim schoolchildren expressing their approval. As far as I know, we were all concerned and shocked about it! When you learn about black slavery and others, you are not really happy with what comes next!

France has a lot of immigrants and schools reflect a contemporary image of France with students of different backgrounds and religions. Usually, students are familiarized and this is the reason why we have friends from different countries and religions.
We all know that Muslims have always been stigmatized and we all know the Jews History.

What are you say about the movie according to what it is more fiction than History might be true because I personally had never heard that the Mosque of Paris had helped.

You want to denounce the fact that the Director and France government's want to rearange History... fair enough! But don't do what you are currently trying to point at by telling bullshit about Muslim children and trying to show that they have no heart. This is what I call propaganda against Muslims while your words are simply lies

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

About ten years ago a book was published in France called "Les territoires perdus de la République : Milieu scolaire, antisémitisme, sexisme". It was written by teachers who described exactly the behaviour I mentioned. See here.

Also see this post for more in a similar vein.

Stevani Aulia said...

how can i get this film full movie

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