Friday, 7 October 2011
The initiative of the head of the Association of Norwegian Tribunals Tur Landback has provoked controversy in the kingdom of Norway, provoking a polemic throughout Europe. Landback proposes integrating sharia tribunals into the national judicial system. Jurists from local Islamic communities reacted quickly by supporting the initiative. However, Norwegians are rather perplexed regarding the introduction of these Islamic rules into their judicial system.

..."In proposing to legalise sharia tribunals in Norway, Landback in basing his position on social reality. Norwegian laws regarding immigrants are very liberal", analyses Youri Deriabine, director of the Centre for Northern Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Not all experts are as tolerant faced with the profanation of the "civilised" norms of European justice and the destruction of the system of traditional values.

The director of the Centre for Political Economy Serguei Mikheev is very critical of the initiative. "We are living through Europe's cultural suicide. In this context, why not adopt sharia? At the same time, it creates the conditions for new Breiviks", he declares.

According to Serguei Mikheev, the socio-political situation in Europe will destabilise in the foreseeable future, because the tolerance is accompanied by a revival in the activity of nationalist and far-right movements. The European authorities are not opposing the offensive of foreign cultures, and that provokes unsystematic resistance from the population, generating inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts. Mikheev is convinced that the prospects of the Old World are far from luminous.

The European authorities are aware of the situation however. To judge by the recent initiatives in several European countries to control and limit immigration, the West is concerned, even if belatedly. Regarding Norway, too tolerant, the Justice Minister Knut Storberget resolutely refused the initiative of Tur Landback yesterday. The minister declared in an interview on Radio NRK that projects of this type are not acceptable in the current situation, calling on those proposing them to accept his decision. It would thus be premature to speak of the installation of sharia law in Europe.
Source: Voice of Russia

Not sure how reliable this report is. I haven't heard about it from any other source despite the report's claim that it has "provoked a polemic throughout Europe".


Mick said...

Liberals say 'But Sharia is COMPATIBLE with UK, US, French (etc) law'.

But what they DON'T mention is how much the law has to be subverted to accommodate Sharia, always in a weak, watery tea state at the beginning in the West.

Think of the animal rights and polygamy laws and you make a start.

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