Monday, 3 October 2011

A recent report in El País shows that jihadists have succeeded in infiltrating the Spanish police. The newspaper somehow acquired access to a Spanish intelligence document (date 25 March this year) that refers to a member of the national police force:
Report acquired. Subject: concerning national police officer Mohamed Anwar. Problem: Islamic fundamentalism. Sources: internal. Reliability: completely certain. Exactness 1: confirmed by other sources.

...This police officer is becoming increasingly radical over time, with the same profile as Abdel Aziz Faraj."

The report details an investigation stretching across at least 5 years.
Thus, it describes the dates on which he travelled from Melilla to the mainland, the hotels where he stayed overnight in various cities during the years 2006 and 2008, and his presence at Islamic meetings and conferences.

“He attends the I Congreso Islámico organised by the CIM (Islamic Commission of Melilla) in Mollina (Malaga); he gets on the mail boat of Acciona JJ Sister at 23.59 from Melilla-Malaga with a very large group of Muslims to attend the II Congreso Islámico which took place at a location in Malaga.”

Most of the Muslims in the Spanish police force are stationed in the two Spanish exclaves in Africa, Ceuta and Melilla.

In recent years, the Spanish military has faced similar problems of infiltration by suspected Muslim radicals. Some have been expelled only to later win reinstatement through the courts. 30% of the soldiers based in Ceuta and Melilla are Muslim.

Source: El País

UPDATE: It seems El País has now done their own English translation of the same article, which you can see here. It has a few extra paragraphs and details I left out.


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