Thursday, 13 October 2011

Yesterday in Tempelhof, Berlin, unknown persons attacked the Islam-critical author J. Gehirn in his car. Another car drove up to him, forcing him to stop. He then heard three 'bang sounds' and his windscreen was shattered. The car then drove off. The author was unhurt.

Police found a hole in the windscreen but found no trace of a bullet or projectile. They are not sure whether the bang sounds were shots and have so far found no trace of the vehicle.

J. Gehirn is the pseudonym [Gehirn means Brain] of the 39-year-old author, who was raised as a Muslim but has since recanted his Islamic faith and written critically about it in the book "War's Allah's oder das Wort eines Mannes??" [Was it Allah's or the Word of a Man?]

Part of Amazon's description of his book is as follows [my translation]:
J. Gehirn, himself born a Muslim [this is ridiculous - no one is born a Muslim], has intensively and critically engaged with the Koran and the teachings of the Prophet. He comes to the provocative conclusion that there is much in it that is illogical, that it is full of contradictions and contains little that is godly. With citations from the Koran he shows repeatedly that Mohammed oriented his teachings around his own needs and desires, especially in relation to women.
Source: Morgenpost Via: PI


Steen said...

"this is ridiculous - no one is born a Muslim" - no, ufortunately, according to the Koran, everybody is born a muslim. Therfore those who are not muslim, have left the religion. And therfore non-muslims are never innocent when viticms of a muslim terrorattack. This point is very important.

mvh from Denmark

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