Saturday, 29 October 2011

Today, October 29, Swiss Muslims are demonstrating against Islamophobia and racism in the city of Bern by hosting a conference which is expected to be the largest Islamic festival to have occurred in Switzerland.

The conference is organized by The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS) under the theme, “Day Against Islamophobia and Racism”. This conference is supported by a wide variety of groups both in Switzerland and across Europe, to ensure the basic human rights of Muslims in the Swiss society.

...One of the event's supporters is Yvonne Ridley, a well-known British journalist made famous for her capture by the Taliban in 2001 and her subsequent conversion to Islam.

The Muslims are using yellow Stars of David in their propaganda material, intended to evoke the Nazis. What no one in the politically correct European press ever mentions is that the whole idea of marking Jews out with special badges on their clothing originally came from Islam. These were among the conditions of dhimmitude, imposed on Christians as well as Jews. The idea spread from Muslim-ruled Spain to the rest of Europe following the Reconquista.

This promo film for the event also shows the Star of David (speech in German):


Anonymous said...


As you rightly state, "the whole idea of marking Jews out with special badges on their clothing originally came from Islam".

Now Muslims are trying to make out that wearing a hijab is akin to Jews being marked out in Nazi Germany. This is asinine on two counts

1. No one is forcing Muslim women to get rid of the hijab. They wear the hijab on their own account, and thus mark themselves out. Burqa is different, as it invalidates security measures, which came about because of Islamic terrorism.

2. Muslims are not being persecuted in the West, unlike Christians in Muslim countries. Muslim women the hijab, marking themselves out, because they have no fear of being persecuted.

3. Following from 3, the hijab and other distinctive apparel, is meant to be a show of force, an in-your-face testament that they are here, and their is nought we can do about it. It is an aggressive statement.

Anonymous said...

what hypocrites these muhammadan clowns are.
But who cares, they're going straight to hell, sucks to be them. No "barradajs" for the devil worshiping muhammadans, EVER.

sheik yer'mami said...

It should be noted that the Islamo-propagandist likes to stand in front of the 500 year old wooden bridge of Lucerne, which is a priceless treasure full of religious icons and carvings.

One third to one half of this bridge was burned by a Chechen Muslim, something very few people know.

For this propagandist to stand in front of this bridge doing da'awa signals a clear threat: submit or we'll burn your stuff.

(Submit and we'll burn it anyway) but we won't tell the dhimmies this, not yet......

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I walked through that bridge once. It took a major effort of will as I am an arachnophobe as well as an islamophobe and the top of the bridge is thick with huge spiders. Didn't know it had been burned by a Muslim.

Beautiful place, Lucerne. No Muslim should be allowed in there.

sheik yer'mami said...

Beautiful place, Lucerne. No Muslim should be allowed in there.

Yes indeed, a beautiful place like a million others in Europe, a museum without a roof, with great cathedrals and uncounted works of art, statues, paintings and a cultural heritage that is second to none.

All meaningless and offensive to the soldiers of allah, who will torch everything our ancestors left us without a doubt, like they have done in so many places before during their 1400 reign of terror and destruction.

You are right: No Muslim should be allowed in there.

sheik yer'mami said...


The bridge is almost 700 years old, not 500.

The Kapellbruecke is 203 meters long and it dates back to the year 1333. The bridge is covered by a wooden roof under which 111 paintings were added in the 17th century. Unfortunately a fire destroyed 86 of these paintings in 1993,and they had to be replaced by replicas.

gsw said...

Less than one minute into the video, and I have already answered all his questions with "yes".

What is his problem? We have multicultural world. There is at least one country for every ideology. Why oh why does he not want us to keep ours?

This is just plain bad manners.

BunBun4life said...

Are they going to make a film showing all the riots, car burnings, rock throwing, the attack on Krishna's and their temple in Denmark, their harassment of jews, etc?

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