Friday, 7 October 2011

[Immigration Nightmare: Lies, Broken Promises, Brainwashing of the People]

In Rottenburg, Germany, land is being newly developed as a business location. One of the businesses that will be based there is the Kopp-Verlag, a German publishing house. It publishes somewhat fringey material, a little out of the mainstream, taking in the kind of concerns you see expressed in the American Patriot movement (New World Order, etc.), some esoteric, supernatural stuff like astrology and so forth, fringe medical cures, as well as more serious stuff about Islam, immigration and opposition to the EU.

A local politician, Albert Bodenmiller, claims that Muslims may target the Kopp-Verlag building in a terrorist attack. He is a member of the (BfH / Linke) group. The Linke (Left) are generally quasi-communists. Not sure what BfH is, possibly some local citizen's movement.

He justifies this with reference, among other things, to the attacks in Oslo and Utoya. Because Anders Breivik's attack was aimed at Muslims indirectly, the possibility that the Muslims will strike back must be considered. People like the Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders or also the "star author" and "chief ideologue of the Kopp-Verlag" Udo Ulfkotte (new book: "Albtraum Zuwanderung" [Immigration Nightmare]) may be targeted. Just as showing contempt for Islam was one of the causes of the terror attacks of 11 September, 2001, anti-Islam books, like those produced and sold by the Kopp-Verlag, as well as the insulting of Muslim immigrants, may provoke violent attacks, he says. There are indications, according to Bodenmiller, that Ulfkotte wants to found an anti-islamic party and would want to use the Kopp-Verlag infrastructure for that purpose.

According to Bodenmiller, the new generation of attack-ready Islamists are following "intelligent strategies"; they will apply "the principle of selective punishment" with "surgical strikes". Bodenmiller, who as a retired person is studying again in Tübingen, sought out conversations with young Muslims there in the summer. They told him that militant Islamists would strike back and that they would strike the "sources of inspiration". There is therefore a "high danger of attack" for the Kopp-Verlag.

It is not only attacks with fire and explosives that should be considered, but also the use of chemical and biological materials. Because the future publisher's building lies in a water reserve, the risk of contaminating the groundwater is correspondingly high.
Source: Tagblatt

He is calling for the development plan to be reconsidered.


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