Saturday, 1 October 2011

Earlier in the week I posted about an incident in Belgium in which two police officers were attacked by a man while they tried to book his wife for wearing a burka. Now we have a similar but even more disturbing incident from Lyon in France.
Delicate situation on Friday evening for the police in Vaulx-en-Velin [suburb of Lyon]. Around 7.30 pm, on Corbusier Way, they see a woman wearing a burka, accompanied by her children. The team heads towards her to record the offence, and asks for her papers. Problem: the woman has to take her veil off for her identity to be confirmed. Not necessarily simple to do in the open street in districts where the police are not well regarded by certain people.

The woman, aged 34, lives close by and refuses all proposals: identification by a police woman in the street or in the police station, located just a bit further away. She makes hostile remarks, declares firmly that she doesn't give a damn about the law on burka-wearing, adopted last April. In situations like that, time is against the police. Bit by bit, the inhabitants encircle the small group. There are soon several dozen of them. The woman harangues them, demanding that they help her. Tension mounts rapidly, and the first stones, or other projectiles, start to fly.

Before the check turns definitively into a riot, the police prefer to withdraw. While handing the woman a summons to appear at the police station. During the incident, fortunately, no public official was injured.

The woman should have presented herself at the police station this morning. She didn't come. The prosecutor has now decided to send her directly in front of the police tribunal.
Source: Le Progrès Via: Bivouac ID

In this same locale, there are plans to build a large mosque complete with minaret. This week the French nationalists of the Bloc Identitaire made clear their opposition to these proposals. Video below:



S. Wolf said...

The police will simply have to be more expeditious. Swoop down, bundle the burqa wearing woman into a car, transport her to a police station and there ascertain her identity, by force if necessary. Otherwise there will be no meaningful enforcement of the law.

Charles Martel said...

Europe is slowly waking up. Let's hope it's not too late, but it will not be easy and it will not be pretty.

Can you imagine having to put up with that five times a day? And these Europeans put up with this since the '70s!

Anonymous said...

best thing the police can do is remove there citizenship and deport them back to where they came from.
Becase if you look intio Islamist countries they feel jews and christians are there slaves look it up iof you don't belive me then look up how many muslims are living on tax payers money and soaking up benifits.

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