Monday, 3 October 2011

We've become so used to the islamo-multiculturalist poison spreading seemingly unstoppably through Europe's veins that it's good to remind ourselves once in a while that change can also go the other way. The damage can be undone. The ground lost can be recovered.

France has recently offered us one of these rare success stories. There, Arnaud Lafon, the mayor Castanet Tolosan has decided to ban halal food from the school canteens and return to a "secular" menu.

“Today the question is asked about whether the meat is halal or not, but tomorrow it will be about whether there's any pork in the gelatine or wanting to know if the meals were prepared by a non-Muslim."

His decision was quickly denounced by the leftist xenomaniacs and their Muslim clients. A halal "protest picnic" was arranged outside the mayor's office.

The Socialist Party issued a statement:
This decision has brutally confronted the parents with a stigmatisation of their practices and their children without any alternative being proposed, and without any real justification.

In the debate last week the Socialists claimed that the removal of halal meals might lead Muslim parents to withdraw their children from the canteen or the school, leading to "communitarianism".

One of those who spoke up for the mayor, Camilla Assadi, was herself of immigrant origin.
Your ancestors fought to abolish all privileges, including the diktat of the Church. Go to Iran and see how that works out there.

After an hour and a half of debate, the proposal was passed by the local council and is now in effect. No more halal. So far this is the only recorded instance of halal rollback in all the local authorities of France.

Source: Bivouac ID


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