Thursday, 13 October 2011
Here we have another sinister, Sovietesque EU/COE brainwashing programme aimed at convincing us all how good 'diversity' is. Most disturbingly of all, this one is aimed primarily at 'opinion formers', in other words politicians and journalists. If only the journalists would transmit the 'correct' messages, the dumb plebs could be convinced of the 'diversity advantage'.
Shaping perceptions and attitudes to realise the diversity advantage (SPARDA)

A European Union / Council of Europe Joint Programme (January 2011 – June 2012)

Successful integration of migrants depends strongly on the perceptions of the host community of migrants and ethno-cultural diversity. Such perceptions are a product of a complex web of factors and circumstances but to a certain extent they can be influenced by the way opinion leaders, in particular political leaders and media, address such issues.

Foreseen activities:
Initial perception surveys to register attitudes to diversity and migration;
City communication and dialogue strategies;
Media and Diversity Training for local public officials and media professionals in order to give them key elements to define communication and dialogue strategies;
Media Cross-production Sessions in order to deliver media production content reflecting balanced and open-minded approach on migration and diversity as well as integration and community cohesion.
Source: COE

The Purpose of the Sessions:
To raise awareness among media professionals of possible innovatory practices in media coverage of intercultural reality and its impact on the fight against discrimination in Europe, at local level.

Allowing participants to realize the diversity advantage, according to the Intercultural approach, as implemented by the members of the Intercultural Cities’ network.

The pilot programme is being rolled out in the following locations:

City of Coimbra (Portugal)
City of Had-Dingli (Malta)
City of Limassol (Cyprus)
City of Patras (Greece)
City of Reggio Emilia (Italy)
Institut des Médias / ISCPA (Lyon, France)
PACTEM Nord (Valencia, Spain)

See here for the full programme of events.


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