Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tunisians in France will have 10 seats in the Tunisian parliament. Am I the only one who finds it creepy that Europe's Muslim colonists are increasingly being accorded voting rights in their countries of origin as well as here? (There are similar initiatives for the Turks in Germany, for example.) Areas of France will now have political representation in Tunisian politics. You could have a towel-wearing member for Paris North standing up to give a speech in the Tunisian parliament! This is an outrageous subversion of national integrity that vividly encapsulates the Muslim imperialism that Europe is forced to undergo.

The jihadist party Ennahda won 33.70% of the Tunisian vote in northern France and 30.23% in southern France, capturing 4 of the 10 French seats. This compares to around 40% in Tunisia itself.

How does the xenomaniac elite explain this? They are always telling us that only a "tiny minority" support the "islamists". Now we have cast iron proof to the contrary. Oh, I know. It must be the racism and islamophobia that drive all those moderate Muslims into the hands of the extremists.

Source: France24


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