Friday, 14 October 2011

Both of the two principal creators of the Bye Bye Mosque Flash game (Moschee Baba), the Austrian Freedom Party politician Gerhard Kurzmann and the Swiss advertising specialist Alexander Segert, have been found not guilty of the charge of Incitement at a court in Graz, Austria. The prosecutor has promised to appeal the decision, however.
"The game has different meanings," declared Judge Christoph Lichtenberger in his judgement. The game could be interpreted as a call for discussion on the topic of mosque construction. It is also significantly different from shooter games, as there are no weapons, no crosshairs, no shooting noises. "The threshold of Incitement has not been reached. I would also dispute the intent," said the judge.

State prosecutor Johannes Winklhofer argued in the trial that it was "extremely dangerous" to call up hate and contempt with calculated images and could even provoke a reaction from Islamic fundamentalists.

It's very interesting that prosecutors are now citing the fact that Muslim fundamentalists might respond with violence as a reason why Europeans should be sent to prison. The inference is that officialdom now accepts that Muslim violence shapes the contours of what is permissible or not permissible in Europe.
"I am delighted by the judgement and relieved that the court has declared an acquittal," commented FPO leader Heinz-Christian Strache on the judgement. The attempt to strain the criminal law in connection with the game in order to make the problem of islamism a taboo topic through criminalisation had thoroughly failed, said Strache. "In this matter, only the voter can be judge."

FPO General Secretary Herbert Kickl was also emphatic: "There cannot be a prohibition on discussing highly charged social and political subjects." He saw the judgement as "a logical, important and landmark decision".
Source: Die Presse


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