Thursday, 13 October 2011

Joan Coscubiela, leader of the "neocommunist" ICV party in Catalonia, Spain, has called for new laws targeting the anti-Islamic Catalan nationalist party Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC).

El Mundo reports:
In an interview with Efe [Spanish news agency], Coscubiela revealed that his party's electoral program will contain a battery of proposals aimed at "legal and democratic combat" of racism and xenophobia, as well as bringing to an end the attitudes of "a Nazi party" like Plataforma per Catalunya.

In the legal sphere, the ecosocialist candidate is proposing a change of article 510 of the penal code to be able to disqualify from holding public office all those leaders of parties that use xenophobia and racism as a "political weapon" with the objective of obtaining "a handful of votes".

Coscubiela specified, however, that this measure was not aimed at ideas or parties but politicians and specific behaviours.
Source: El Mundo

Um, sure. Don't ban the party. But disqualify its politicians from holding public office.
That's communist logic for you.

Coscubiela accused some mainstream politicians of adopting the PxC's ideas and called on all parties that are "clearly democratic and have not flirted with the ideas of national socialism like Plataforma per Catalunya" to adopt a common front and implement a policy of "democratic isolation" towards them.

This is from a party that (I believe) supports the inclusion of actual terrorist groups like ETA in Spanish politics and defends Fidel Castro's Cuba. But if you think there's too much immigration, you're beyond the pale.

Coscubiela argued that the measures were needed to prevent a "social cleavage".
Among the collateral effects of an economic crisis of this magnitude is the advance of the far right which is the breeding ground for social cleavage.

Josep Anglada, leader of the PxC, expressed his "extreme disgust" at the proposal.
We all know that intellectual terrorism of the ICV and the urban terrorism of the 'street hippies' are part of the same anti-democratic and violent strategy of those who do not accept the right to think differently and who still dream of the Gulag and the deportations to Siberia.
Source: Alerta Digital


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