Wednesday, 26 October 2011
Young black men now account for nearly 40% of the population of youth jails in England and Wales, according to a report by the chief inspector of prisons.

The report, published jointly with the youth justice board, shows that the proportion of black and other minority ethnic young men in young offender institutions (YOIs) has risen from 23% in 2006 and 33% in 2009/10 to 39% last year.

The changing demographic profile of the population inside youth jails in England and Wales also shows an increasing proportion of young Muslims, up from 13% last year to 16% this year. Foreign national young men account for a record 6% of the population.
Source: The Guardian


BunBun4life said...

absolute insanity, I don't even think england has a very large population of blacks. I always love how statistics related to 'hate crimes' against blacks & muslims, statistics that serve their purposes are always good to go by; by crime stats, prison stats; welfare stats are always 'bullshit' and 'probably fake' anyway.

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