Monday, 10 October 2011

20% of the most common crimes in Belgium are committed by foreigners, according to the Belgian Interior Minister Annemie Turtelboom, responding to a written question from senator Guido De Padt, who is calling for the ethnic origins of criminals to be recorded. In the Brussels region, this rises to 30%.

"Information about the ethnic origin of suspects is not specified when incidents are being recorded in the national database. So we don't know anything about the possible foreign origins of suspects who have Belgian nationality. At the moment, a working group is examining the legality and the possibility of specifying the ethnic origin of suspects when criminal incidents occur," Annemie Turtelboom stated to Guido De Padt.

The latter would like the suspect's origin to be specified when the incident is being recorded. "I think that recording the ethnic origin can give us a better picture of criminality and can play an important role in policy on this issue, but also in developing an integration policy", he explained.

If the Belgian government follows through on this, it should generate some very interesting data indeed.


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