Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Yesterday, I posted about how a village hall was threatened with the revocation of its charitable status after inviting BNP leader Nick Griffin to speak. The Christian Barnabas Fund charity also faced the threat of having its charity status removed as it was investigated by the Charity Commission in response to a complaint "filed by a lay leader from the Church of England".

The investigation is now over and the Barnabas Fund has been cleared but it is disturbing that this process took place at all. There are mosques and Muslim associations up and down the length of Britain inciting hatred against infidels and enjoying their charitable status undisturbed.
Barnabas Aid has been exonerated by the U.K. commission, which regulates charities in England and Wales, from any wrongdoing in passing out one of the group’s Operation Nehemiah booklets, Slippery Slope.

Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, international director of Barnabas Aid, told The Christian Post that while his writings address problems with Islamic extremism, the group's material such as the booklet, does not promote hatred toward Muslims.

“In the U.K., where we are involved in education and in published materials, we believe that it is important for us to address those areas that cause persecution. For example, the apostasy law in Islam,” Sookhdeo said. “Furthermore, in the U.K. where Islamic extremism is growing and posing severe threats to the Church, and to Christian communities, and to converts, it is important for us to address those issues.”

...However, Sookhdeo said the booklet focused on addressing the issues of how Islamic extremism is beginning to affect society and how in turn it is affecting Christian communities within parts of Britain. The material is not meant to be hateful, he said.

...The Charity Commission issued a response to the complaint, which Barnabas Aid published in its recent press release.

The commission stated: “The charity, in its campaigning around ‘Operation Nehemiah’ appears to be acting within its objects, as the campaign can be seen as promoting ‘the advancement of the Christian faith.’ A charity can become involved in a campaign which furthers or supports its charitable purposes.”

The commission added, “The Commission acknowledges that the campaign material fits within its aims, and that the booklet quotes sources for the claims that it makes. They quote its statement of intent, not to promote anti-Muslim fear or hatred, but to address seriously the challenge of Islam to society.”

“The campaign does not appear to be inciting racial hatred and the charity believes that it has public benefit in that it is committed to maintaining Christian values of freedom of conscience, speech and religion for the next generation in church and society.

“We are therefore content that the charity, in carrying out this campaign, is operating within its objects and within the terms of our guidance,” the commission concluded in its statement.

“Throughout my writings I have emphasized that there is no Islamophobia involved, no hate. Rather, these are legitimate points of concern. The Christian response should be one of love and tolerance, but at the same time, if those issues affect them, then those issues need to be raised,” Sookhdeo reiterated to CP Monday.

“The difficulty which we are facing in the U.K. is that Islam is the elephant in the room and it cannot be discussed,” he explained. “As soon as you raise, for example, issues of the persecution of Christians, [then] newspapers, the media, and individuals will actually accuse you of being an extremist.

“We live in a culture of intimidation and silence. If anyone doesn’t agree with you they want you removed. There is no place for discussion or tolerance for saying you have your views I have mine,” he added.
Source: Christian Post

Sookhdeo is a third-worlder himself, of Guyanan origin. In Europe today we often find that those who speak out most boldly against Islam are of non-European origin, often committed Christians or converts from Islam. The Europeans have been cowed by accusations of racism, but brown people are willing to speak out against other brown people.


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