Monday, 3 October 2011
The UKIP candidate Abhikit Pandya, whom I wrote about before, calling him a potential British Geert Wilders, is being subjected to an investigation by the university where he teaches law after a complaint was made about him by a student. The views complained about were those he expressed while standing for election. This is a good illustration of the creepy left totalitarianism that is sucking the life out of Britain.
Not so long ago I accepted a post for teaching law at one of Britain’s prestigious Universities. On my first hour of arriving I was taken in to meet the Head of Department.

I was told that a student had made a complaint about my appointment, and that the complaint was being investigated. The complaint related to some things I had said in a recent by-election.

I was a little taken aback, not so much because there was a complaint but because it warranted an investigation that would unnecessarily use up taxpayers' money.

Last year a British freedom of speech society that I chaired (then called the ‘Birkenhead Society’; now called ‘Discourse UK’) overturned the Labour Home Secretary Jacqui’ Smith’s Ban on the Dutch MP Geert Wilders speaking in Parliament on the subject of multiculturalism and Islam.

I was shocked that the Labour Government was willing to ban speech in Parliament (reasoned debate being a clear expression, and an embodiment, of the best of British culture) in order to preserve multiculturalism and alien cultures through political correctness.

Fearing that we were going down the road of Medieval censorship (I had recently read that Elizabeth I used to cut the ears of playwrights who poked fun at her), we desperately sought to raise funds to litigate against the Home Secretary.

Fortunately the judges were not as daftly and lightly dismissive of freedom of speech as the Labour government had been and the ban from discourse in Parliament was removed.
However what Geert Wilders's ban by Labour’s Jaqui Smith demonstrates is that multiculturalism has been used, and still is, by governments to censor discussion of important social issues within immigrant groups.

These issues include the treatment of women, teaching antisemitism, and physically assaulting homosexuals.

Of greater concern now regarding censure is the recently created ‘All-Party Parliamentary Committee on Islamophobia’.

This is exactly what it sounds like. A Soviet style panel of censorship, promoting political correctness built on the sensitivities of a few immigrant minorities.
The word ‘Islamophobia’ is not just broad and ambiguous; the phrase ‘phobia’ is clearly suggestive of censuring thought in the Orwellian sense.

All in all the Committee is a classic, worrying, multicultural gift that seeks to curtail existing and traditional liberties to accommodate alien cultures sensitivities through political correctness.

Furthermore, it aids some alien cultures in using their subjective sensitivities to create a more illiberal land through censorship and curtailment of freedom of speech.
What concerns me most of all about this ‘Islamophobia Committee’, is that, due to political correctness, the debate as to the mistreatment of women and gays in amongst some ethnic groups could be censored.

Neither the existence of this daft committee, nor the censoring of discussion about the impact of immigration our culture, can be justifiable. It merely aids Labour’s grand multicultural project of destroying British culture.

We must never cower into giving away our liberties, such as freedom of speech, by political correctness brought about by the few that seek to be sensitive to discussion, whether immigrants or not.
Source: Daily Mail


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