Thursday, 27 October 2011

50 Years - Built Up Together

This week is the 50-year anniversary of the Anwerbeabkommen (Recruitment Agreement) signed between Germany and Turkey. It was this agreement that paved the way for the colonisation of Germany by aggressive Muslim aliens. The terms of the agreement required the aliens to leave after no more than two years. Now, 50 years later, they're still there. And they've brought their sisters and brothers and aunties and uncles and cousins (often for marriage purposes).

Although many ordinary Germans would now consider this process of Turkish colonisation to be the second-greatest disaster in German history, surpassed only by Hitler, German officialdom is intent on celebrating it.

Here we see two genocide celebration posters from Hamburg, with slogans in German and Turkish. These were photographed in the local subway.

50 Years - Together We Are Germany

Source: PI


Anonymous said...

Europeans really are their own worst enemies!

Arius said...

Remember what the Turks did to us Armenians in 1915? When the Turks get to a sufficient percentage of the German population they will solve their problem with the local infidels. In Kosovo the Muslims destroyed 150 Serb churches. They will cleanse Germany, eventually.

sheik yer'mami said...

Priceless, Cheradenine !

You are getting better and better. Love your stuff!

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Vielen Dank.

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