Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Whoever takes a look at the immigrant districts in this republic will, alongside the many kebab and vegetable shops, in recent times see ever more colourfully lit betting shops and gaming halls, which in recent years have been shooting out of the ground like mushrooms.

There, where previously high vacancy rates documented the flight of commerce from these city districts, there are now completely new tenants to be found with imaginative names like "Little Las Vegas" or "Bet 2000", which, evening after evening, holds hundreds of young and middle-aged men, predominantly of Turkish, Kurdish and Arab origin, under their spell.

...Interestingly "gambling addiction" seems to represent a serious problem especially in Islamic society. Addiction experts estimate that of the around 500,000 acutely endangered or addicted persons in Germany, around 40 per cent are immigrants - a high figure.
Source: Migazin
Via: PI


Maria José said...

Bride in forced marriage was knocked out with chloroform and raped by husband she had just met

Rapist regarded wife as a ‘chattel’ says judge

Husband is jailed for eight years

The victim married her husband in a ‘simple
Islamic ceremony at his flat in Poplar’ on 12 April 2009, the court heard

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