Wednesday, 21 September 2011

As if hate speech laws, street mobs, death threats and assassinations weren't enough, the Muslims have found a new way to suppress critical discussion of their religion: website hacking.

More and more we hear of stories of websites being hacked by aggressive Muslims and taunting messages being hacked instead of the original text.

Yesterday it was the turn of the website of Rennes Town Council. The Muslim (apparently Algerian) wasn't happy about the ban on the burke and street prayers, it seems.

A week or so ago, the website was hacked by a Muslim, this time a Turk. He left a message:
This site is offline because of shameful journalism, manipulation, anti-foreigner and anti-islamic content. Especially the amount of filthy, manipulated and pathetic content against Turkey, people of Turkish origin and Muslims on this site.

Sources: Novopress, Unzensuriert, Hacker News


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